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  1. Rexer

    Power Steering Fluid for 65 C Body

    What's the best power steering fluid for a 65 383?
  2. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Question??

    Can someone tell me what this is and its purpose? It used to have a flap that covered this space.
  3. Rexer

    65 Polara Engine Bay Detail

    I cleaned up under the hood. A lot of cleaning and a little paint work.
  4. Rexer

    Jack storage on 65 Polara Convertible

    Can someone post a picture of the correct Jack storage for a 65 Polara Convertible? I think it may be different than the Hardtops/Sedans. I would imagine it's the same for all C Body verts. Thanks
  5. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara deck lid trim molding wanted.

    I'm looking for the upper trim piece for the trunk of my 65 Dodge Polara. Mine has a few dings in it and I have not been able to find one.
  6. Rexer

    65 Polara Convertible rear armrest pads

    Do you have to remove the rear seat to replace the rear armrest pads for a 65 Polara Convertible?? I just want to know if there is a shortcut before I remove the seat?
  7. Rexer

    Arm Rest Pads for 65 Polara Convertible

    I'm looking for arm rest pads for my 65 Polara Convertible. I have found them but not in the right colors. I need green for the front and turquoise for the rear. Does anyone know where to find them?
  8. Rexer

    Map that came with 65 Polara Convertible

    I was reading the options for the 65 Polara, 880, & Monaco and it said that they came with a map. Does anybody have one or know of them? I have not been able to find one.
  9. Rexer

    Chrome pedal trim for 65 Polara

    Does anyone know where I can find the chrome trim for the Gas, Brake & Emergency Brake Pedals for a 65 Dodge Polara?
  10. Rexer

    Dash clock for a 65 Polara

    I am looking for a dash clock for my 65 Dodge Polara. The Polara, Custom 880 and Monaco all shared the same dash in 65 & 66. Does anyone know where I could find one?