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  1. Rexer

    Welcome Dave Muir to FCBO!

    Welcome Dave. It's good to have another Muir on the site.
  2. Rexer

    Welcome L30M20Camaro to FCBO!

    Welcome to the site. What Chrysler products do you own?
  3. Rexer

    Welcome william spieth to FCBO!

    William it's good to have you aboard. I'm on the Southwest side of Indianapolis. I have a 65 Dodge Polara Convertible. We'll have to get together sometime. At a car show or something.
  4. Rexer

    Welcome Rcolgan to FCBO!

    I like it!! I love to see those still on the road. Give us more pictures when you can. Welcome!!
  5. Rexer

    Welcome Chris1966Newport to FCBO!

    That's a beautiful car. Welcome from Bloomington, IN
  6. Rexer

    Welcome Dennis Hanke to FCBO!

    What kind of C Body are you looking for?
  7. Rexer

    Welcome 65Polara to FCBO!

    Welcome aboard. We like 65 Polara's here
  8. Rexer

    1965 dodge polara convertible 318 poly

    Welcome from a fellow 65 Polara Convertible owner.
  9. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

  10. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

    There we go. These are my three sons.
  11. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

    I'm trying to attach a photo but I'm not having much luck.
  12. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

    Pictures are on their way.
  13. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

    Pictures coming soon.
  14. Rexer

    65 Dodge Polara Convertible

    In April I purchased a 1965 Dodge Polara Convertible sight unseen. I looked at a thousand pictures and talked a lot over the phone but I was quite nervous. My fears rolled away when I saw my beautiful blue-green Polara on the back of a transport that had made its way from Detroit, MI to Southern...