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  1. justthatguy

    For Sale WANTED: fuselage C body

    While that's perfect that's also a 10 hour drive. I was thinking of something a little closer to home.
  2. justthatguy

    For Sale WANTED: fuselage C body

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a cheap mostly intact fuselage C to work on as an around town driver. 318/360 is fine, don't mind fender and quarter rust, I'm not looking for a show car. I don't mind cars that have been sitting a while, but I do have a budget and it's around 1k. I'd like to bring...
  3. justthatguy

    For Sale 1972 Grand Fury III - Not Mine (China Grove N.C.)

    I've been eyeing this car but it seems like it'd be worth it at half the price. Why do all the local C bodies seem like gold to these people?
  4. justthatguy

    For Sale NOT MINE 69 sport fury convertible . It’s a shame what’s been done to this car .

    Like my go to mechanic says-"You can tell when Chevy guys get Mopars"
  5. justthatguy

    For Sale 73 Fury hopewell va

    Also not mine. I just bought one so I'll have to let this one pass.
  6. justthatguy

    For Sale 73 Fury hopewell va

    23860 Not very many pics but looks nice.
  7. justthatguy

    SOLD 60 dodge pioneer

    If you weren't 1700 miles from me I'd have already bought it. Let me see if I have some Midwest friends looking for one. I've always wanted a 60 Dodge.
  8. justthatguy

    For Sale Wanted: chrysler, ply, dodge '59-64 PROJECT-Tx,surronding states

    It's not Texas but I have a 62 Dart that's restorable