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  1. justthatguy

    46rh to 400, will it live?

    I've been high and low on the internet, and I can't really find a definitive answer. So, I'll lay it out here. I have a 73 fury, and I have a 400 that I am planning on 4 to 500 ft lbs of torque. I also have a 518 I was planning on using in my 71, but I think considering how nice and decently...
  2. justthatguy

    Help me buy the right yoke for my 46rh

    So, it's approaching time to put the engine in my fury and my priority is the driveshaft at this time. I need to order a yoke but the transmission came minus driveshaft so I need to pick the correct one. This one is made by dana so it's pretty good and I think the 30 count spline is correct too...
  3. justthatguy

    5.9 Magnum driveline swap into 71 Fury

    Hey everyone, So I've given it a bit of thought about what to do with my Fury-sans engine, originally considering a big block, then an LA 360 (which is what it had) but I think since I'll mostly be cruising with it, I'm going to do a 5.9 with a 46rh. Now, full disclosure, I've never done this...