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  1. justthatguy

    Very low cooling pressure

    I recently had to pull the radiator out of my 72 Newport. I put it back in, bled it, and I seem to have an air pocket trapped however I can't seem to find it. No leaks, the heater hose has coolant, I have reasonable heat, it's a brand new cap, radiator, new fan clutch, it doesn't overheat, and I...
  2. justthatguy

    Vacuum actuators for 72 Newport-where do I find these?

    I'm trying to figure out why the heat doesn't work in my newport, and according to the service manual, I'm pretty sure it's one of these actuators. I believe it's the heat shutoff door actuator. I can tug on it and hear slurping, I'm not sure as of yet if it's the line or the actuator. For...