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  1. 66Newyorker

    Have Chrysler will Travel !!

    I was planning on posting this before I left on a 2100 mile ish road trip, but that didn’t happen. So a recap of the prep for the trip and the trip. Prep for the trip consisted of replacing the front brake shoes ✅ Repacking front bearing❎ Checking one rear brake✅ Rotate tires❎ All worn about...
  2. 66Newyorker

    19th Century Technology

    We unpacked some oil lamp we’ve had for quite a few years. This is one of our Aladdin lamps. No electricity needed!
  3. 66Newyorker

    What is this part of ?

    Some of the older guys might know. I’ll give you the answer in a couple days if no one gets it.
  4. 66Newyorker

    Merry Christmas to Me!

    Took the New Yorker for a ride today to pick up the heads for the engine going in the Lil Red Express I got last year. They are a pair of 516 casting with new valves, springs, retainers and keepers. Had bronze liners installed in the guides, hardened seats for the larger 1.74 exhaust valves...
  5. 66Newyorker

    A few thing I found today

    These were in a binder under my bench. Thought y’all might like to see them. Might scan and post at sometime in the future.
  6. 66Newyorker

    The bench my wife built for me

    My wife built and hand block planed this for me a few years ago. The light is a 30th anniversary present.
  7. 66Newyorker

    Let there be light!

    Had a friend give me 2 metal halide lights he pulled after he upgraded to LED at his business. Spent about $40.00 in stuff I didn’t have already. Have had the shop up for the better part of 10 years and hadn’t put in any lighting. Now working at night will be much better!
  8. 66Newyorker

    Mecum Sunday and Tuesday!

  9. 66Newyorker

    Thought this were cool !

    The Plymouth is Friday the New Yorker Saturday Mecum!
  10. 66Newyorker

    I just bought this today

    I didn't get more pictures today. The fifth VIN digit tells the story. Found it on the local CR. Less than 72,000 miles. Wasn't able to open the hood but from what his daughter was telling me, it's mostly there. The step side bed has been taken apart. It now has a fleetside on it. I guess for...
  11. 66Newyorker

    A use for old leaf springs

    Was an old set I had laying around. A few hours and about $25.00 of supplies.
  12. 66Newyorker

    Barrett - Jackson 2015 Without all the commercials and no need to sign in.