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  1. PeugFra

    For Sale 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham (not mine)

    For sale from PA, with a starting bid of $3,500: Seller's text: "Sharp looking 1978 2 door Chrysler New Yorker. White with red leather interior and plush carpet. 400 4 bbl. Options include power windows. door locks and seats, tilt telescope, clock, AM/FM 8 track. This car has been...
  2. PeugFra

    For Sale 1974 Plymouth Fury III - $4,999 (NOT MINE)

    Haven't seen a Formal Fury ad for a while, so I thought I'll post one. 1974 Plymouth Fury 1974 Plymouth Fury 3 in original condition. Moms car. 110,413 miles. SUPER straight! Clean. 360 v8. PS, PB, Hasn't been run in 8 years or so . Stored in garage. Auto, cloth int. Vinyl top is even in great...