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  1. 66Newyorker

    SOLD Starrett Micrometer Set

    The 5-6 mic is as smooth as it should be, but still works. Any questions just ask. $100.00 plus shipping from 70546
  2. 66Newyorker

    For Sale Sun tune-up blow molded case

    Needs a good cleaning. It’s over 30 years old. $10.00 plus the ride. I’ll throw in the dwell meter for free. It would have had this timing light
  3. 66Newyorker

    For Sale FREE FREE B body bucket seats

    I have 2 buckets seats from a 70 Charger at least that is the info I get from the tag. Red in color and in rough shape may be good for parts. Won’t keep them very long. Sorry the seats must be picked up not shipping.
  4. 66Newyorker

    For Sale Check this out

    Plymouth/Dodge 1963 70 1965 Might be a good find for someone on the left coast!