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  1. Chris N

    Tail lights not working

    I have a 71 Fury Gran Coupe. Recently at a traffic light someone told me that I have no tail lights but do have turn signals. When I got home, my tail lights do light up with the lights on as well as the turn signals but no stop lights. But when I put on the emergency flashers, only the front...
  2. Chris N

    Quits when it gets hot…

    My 71 Fury did the same thing. It turned out my gas tank wasn't venting. The pressure built up and cut off the flow. I released the cap, heard the pressure come out and the car started. I had to do this every 20 miles on a long trip on a hot day.
  3. Chris N

    Gas Tank Vent

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out
  4. Chris N

    Gas Tank Vent

    My 71 Fury's gas tank is no longer venting. If it's hot out, the car will have trouble running as pressure builds up in the tank. When I release the cap, all that pressure shoots out and I can hear the tank expand back to normal. If the car sits for a long length of time, pressure also will...
  5. Chris N

    WANTED 71 Fury Gran Coupe Headlight washer bottle

    Here's my car. To bad you still don't have yours.
  6. Chris N

    WANTED 71 Fury Gran Coupe Headlight washer bottle

    Looking for a headlight washer jug for a 71 Gran Coupe. This jug is behind the headlights for the headlight washer system, not the one for the windshield. It must be complete with no cracks. I have a pic of the one that is in the car now. Call Chris at 631-220-3993. Pics would be appreciated if...
  7. Chris N

    So, is this the only known paisley top C body?

    I Peder. Greeting from the US. I also have a 71 Fury Gran Coupe Paisley . I attached my pics. There is a company in the US, SMS Fabrics of Canby Oragon. Their address is 350 South Redwood st. Canby, OR 97013 (503)263-3525 Good luck. She's a beautiful car. Keep her alive!! Chris from New York
  8. Chris N

    71 Plymouth Grand Fury

    I would like to see a photo of yours. Here is mine. It's a 4 door Hardtop
  9. Chris N

    Has anyone tried to steam clean their vinyl top?

    For years, I use RAGGTOP vinyl/convertible cleaner and protectorate. It's a 2 piece kit for around $35. The cleaner is amazing and the protectorate has UV coverage. I use it on my 71 Fury with the Paisley top and have been very satisfied. You can find it on Amazon. My top has looked like new...
  10. Chris N

    Fast indicators on my '71 Fury

    I have a '71 Fury Gran Coupe. My my blinkers blink very fast. I have changed every bulb, installed a new voltage regulator and new Flashers and they still blink fast. Does anyone know what may be causing this or what else to look at? Thanks