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    Converting lean burn to non-lean

    Which part? The Carter Strip Kit or the ignition kit? My uncle had a shop that sold some performance parts. I'm pretty sure he got the Carter Strip Kit. I'm guessing those no longer exist.
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    Converting lean burn to non-lean

    I did it in 1982 to my Dad's 1976 Royal Monaco with a 400 in it. We used the Direct Connection electronic conversion kit. I bought a Carter Strip kit and rebuilt the Thermoquad carburetor with bigger jets, etc, to eliminate the lean condition. It made a very nice performance improvement too.
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    WANTED 1967 or 1968 rear Imperial bumper

    You're talking the large center section? If so, I have one. Not sure how to ship something that size though.
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    SOLD NOS 1969 Dodge AM / FM Radio Monaco Polara

    I'm interested if the sale falls through.
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    For Sale 1960 D200

    The Dodge version of Stepside is Utiline. The smooth sided beds are Sweptline.
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    Wollfen's 1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    The floormat is not factory. It's from Rubbermaid. I know that because my dad bought a set brand new back in the 60's for one of his cars. They've been in several cars since than and are now in my 1969 300 convertible. They last forever.
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    For Sale Yikes... 67 mobile director $34K

    I thought that the dual snorkel air cleaner came with the dual exhaust option on an Imperial. The engine was still not the HP 440, but the rating was 360 HP with the air cleaner and exhaust.
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    Cars I've Owned Over the Years.

    Here are mine: 1972 Ford Pinto hatchback 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 (model level, not engine) 2 door hardtop 1972 Plymouth Scamp 1974 Ford Pinto hatchback 1971 Ford Pinto sedan 1975 Dodge Dart Sport 1984 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 1987 Plymouth Sundance RS 1968 Imperial 4 door sedan 1970 Dodge...
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    Why did you buy your classic Mopar??

    My first classic Mopar was a 1968 Imperial sedan in 1988. I wanted to get into classic cars and was looking mainly at 340 A-bodies and early 70's Chargers and Road Runners. These were all starting to take off in price, and I felt they were generally too expensive. At the time, I was taking...
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    A bunch of questions from a new Canadian '77 Newport owner

    The Lean Burn Thermoquad carbs were really good performers. When eliminating the Lean Burn system, all that really needs done (from a carburetor standpoint) is to increase the jets by two sizes. What I'm not sure of is whether the parts are available to do that these days. In the old days...
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    For Sale 1970 Dodge Polara Convertible - $9000 (South Central PA)

    My '69 300 (non A/C) also has the 22" radiator.
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    Introduction of brianshaeffer

    Thanks everyone. I'll try uploading some pictures later on.
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    Introduction of brianshaeffer

    I've always liked Mopars, owning several over the years including C bodies. I learned to drive on my dad's 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco. I owned a 1968 Imperial sedan for 21 years, from 1988 to 2009. I currently own a 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible, which I've owned since 1990. Location...