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    For Sale '67 Imp for $11.2k in CA

    Doesn’t look like original fabric on the seats to me. He’s asking a lot of money for it and he right fabric isn’t that expensive when you’re already in there doing it. Still, if it’s got most everything working, might still be a good price.
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    For Sale Neat 300D - not for the faint of heart or those without deep pockets

    Not exactly one owner. One owner before the current owner or estate executor.
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    For Sale 1968 Chrysler Newport Bagged

    You are insane and paranoid. I'm not sure which dominates your thoughts more.
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    For Sale 1958 Chrysler 300 D

    Care to explain?
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    For Sale Black beauty mopar 1965 plymouth fury iii wagon-440 engine! 18,000 obo - $17000 (holl

    Wow. That's a nice car. Sorry about the cheap seat covers, but it's otherwise a well-presenting car. Love this shot of the bridge. That's over the LA river near Lincoln Heights. Right by a section that (previous to the recent restoration of the river) was the only part without a concrete...
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    For Sale 1958 Chrysler 300 D

    You're just mad that he's got you pegged, and he's only 16 posts in. Took me a couple hunnred.
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    For Sale 1974 Plymouth Fury III - $1500 (West chester)

    But he's made it worth a call, if you're genuinely interested.
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    For Sale 1958 Chrysler 300 D

    That's a nice car. If I had the bucks, that's almost exactly the route I'd take with my Imperial: Outwardly stock (except maybe headers :) ) but with upgrades to transmission and engine that were all but invisible otherwise. A few changes so people who are not experts don't notice, but the...
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    SOLD Car in the hands of an a-hole

    Might be stolen. But might be any other simpler explanations. Get a bill of sale, see if he's got a bill of sale from the last guy. Get his driver's license copied, and you're covered legally. You could be out your purchase price if it is stolen, but if I were into Mopars of this era, that...
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    SOLD Car in the hands of an a-hole

    Nice car. With a little patience, can't you get a title at most DMVs?
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    For Sale New Yorker somewhere in North Texas

    Right, as in, "you restored it a first time?"
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    For Sale New Yorker somewhere in North Texas

    Restore again. Heh heh.
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    For Sale 1969 Fury III another look !! E-Bay

    I kinda dig the ducted air cleaner, too.
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    For Sale 1969 Fury III another look !! E-Bay

    No problem seeing that one again. That's a really nice car. Good colors, and Plymouths are just small enough to really make the performance look work well, in my opinion. I could do without the lame steering wheel, but then again 1) I'm not actually buying the car and 2) If I were, I just...
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    For Sale Nice Slabside Sport Fury, Big Price to Match

    I prefer that roofline. Nice car.
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    For Sale Anybody in Brooklyn for this deal?

    This could actually be in reality what is often advertised as an "easy restoration."
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    For Sale Mopar 440 big block Chrysler (west warwick)

    Love the '68 Imperial. Ivory with a dark interior? Nice combo.