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    San Diego to Detroit freight

    Happy to do it for a fellow FCBOer. I just wish I’d taken a picture of the imperial with the pallet on the roof rack.
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    bajajoaquin! Or anybody else in San Diego

    inbox cleared out, too
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    bajajoaquin! Or anybody else in San Diego

    I can't figure out how to delete messages. my email is my member name at Send me an email directly. Happy to help
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    bajajoaquin! Or anybody else in San Diego

    Ok. I let my gold membership lapse. I’ll clean it out
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    Fish bowl vs Camaro

    I have read that the Camaro backlight was the biggest single glass molding to that point in a production car.
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    Fish bowl vs Camaro

    I don't care for that generation Camaro, but I do think it's a better design aesthetically than the first generation Barracuda. The glass is bigger on the Camaro, but the balance of glass to metal surround is different, and it doesn't stand out so much. Also, the front of the car is more...
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    Anybody have a pottery wheel to sell?

    No, but I am trying to get a pottery setup for my wife to use when our little animals are old enough to give her a bit more time. Can you share the kiln you got and the price? I missed out on a free kiln several years ago, and have started looking around for a good deal myself. I don't know what...
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    this months roadkill cameo

    Also a slab C at 7:27
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    Real names:

    Bajajoaquin - Jonathan
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    So I started installing my 4 post lift

    I really hope that means you have property big enough to have two miles of distance from one end to the other. I love living in the city, but that would be... awesome.
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    Hagerty $3000 Challenge

    With a "hemi 400" that's original?
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    For those of you with automotive lifts.

    Fair to summarize that for a home mechanic, the two-post is better, but if budget, space or availability are limitations, a four-post will work, just not quite as well?
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    For those of you with automotive lifts.

    What do you guys think of the four post versus the two post?
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    Trailer hitch

    Nicely done. My hitch is welded in place from a former owner. It hangs down a fair bit, and will whack stuff pretty good from time to time. I wish mine was removable, because I will probably use my car to go dirt bike riding, which will require a hitch carrier. But it hardly seems worth it to...
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    If you had to make a bet...

    I vote for a Mazda Miata. It's one of the sweetest-driving cars ever built. They made a ton of them, but they're cheap, so they're being abused, and finding a clean one is hard because club racers are snapping them up. In 30 years, they'll be rare, and collectible.
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    2014 Carlisle Pictures...

    I was scrolling through the pictures, not paying much attention to detail, and I stopped on this car, saying to myself, "Man, that's a nice Imperial." Took me a minute to realize that it is Detroit Matt's. Cool car. edited to add: wait a minute! the next page seemed to show a different...
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    Dick Landy Ramp Truck Restoration

    So your friend's girlfriend works for Hot Rod? She's the one who drives to work in a Dodge, and has the column about it then?
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    Ban all "tribute" and/or "clone" cars

    My understanding is that Dodge used 1970 fenders to get the different, lower, hoodline.
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    Greetings from India

    By Hindus, yes. India is a secular state, but the majority Hindu population ensures that cows are given wide latitude. On the way over, I flew a Muslim-owned airline, Emirates. Their menu had neither beef nor pork. I thought to myself: poor chickens and sheep: no god is looking out for you.
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    Greetings from India

    I just noticed: the guy on the bike in the cow picture has a Rams helmet on!