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    HP Exhaust to Log Head Pipes

    I'm planning out the future rebuild of my engine, trans, rearend on my Imperial, and will be putting on a new exhaust at the same time. It's got logs with a single exhaust now, but I've got HP manifolds which will be going on, along with duals. Budget is an issue, so I'm looking to do everything...
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    Exhaust Lesson: Resonators?

    So I'm a little bit away from new exhaust, but I would like some more information about factory (or factory-like) stuff, specifically resonators. My understanding is that a resonator is in line behind the main muffler, usually right before the exhaust tip. While a muffler will be a...
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    TTI Exhaust on Imperial

    While lying in bed, unable to sleep, I started talking myself into more and more mods. More cam! Aluminum heads! Headers! Then I remembered the "search" function, and started reading up. So I'm off the headers thing. Consensus seems to be that the TTI full exhaust is a high-quality piece, and...