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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler New Yorker HT Sedan - MI - $8900 - Dealer

    Yeah, but some knucklehead with spare change in the pocket is gonna part with the greenbacks and get it, no doubt. I would plunk down even five, but that's just me.
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    For Sale 1970 300 Hurst Convertible 1 of 1 original $150,000 E-Bay

    Dig them crazy psychedelic pants. Jeez was everyone high back then or what. Ooops me spies panties.
  3. 70NPORT

    For Sale 1969 Plymouth Sports Fury - $3000 (Esko)

    Are those cinder bricks underneath there. I hope so, I hope it and hasn't just been sitting on the ground for like 25 yrs straight..front tire looks flat or partially in the ground.
  4. 70NPORT

    For Sale 1970 4dr plymouth fury 3 - $2500 (skc) craigslist

    Don't go in there trying to low ball the dude now. That baby is worth every penny. lol.
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    For Sale 1970 300 Hurst Convertible 1 of 1 original $150,000 E-Bay

    Yeah it is a fantastic set of wheels that is. I could cruising that baby down the shore, what a show that would be.
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible - $16000

    Yep, you might be right Matt. I know I've seen it through here before, this isn't the first time.
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible - $16000

    Yeah, I do...and I think I have pics still. I remember most of the fuselage cars that come thru here.
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    For Sale 1970 300 Hurst Convertible 1 of 1 original $150,000 E-Bay

    Man I'd dust the cobwebs off and put that bad boy on the road, quick, fast and in a hurry.
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible - $16000

    This is the second go around for this car.
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    For Sale 1970 Fury III Vert E-Bay

    Yikes. That there is some nastiness behind those springs.
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury 1 - $3500 (Clairton)

    I think it looks great. The guy kept it up nicely, even put the little 318 on steroids. Bet it'll cruise nicely all day long.
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    For Sale 1968 Chrysler New Yorker - $800

    I KNOW, right. Is it so sad looking or what?? You just wanna go give it some love.
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    For Sale 1965 New Yorker Coupe FS on WI. craigs

    I have a hunch he doesn't require help to sell it.
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    For Sale 66 polara 500 convertible - $5000 CAD (fraser valley)

    Is that an E body under that tarp
  15. 70NPORT

    For Sale 1968 plymouth sport fury - $2500

    Jeeez, I wonder how long its been sitting that, with jack underneath. lol
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    For Sale 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury 2-Door Hardtop

    It hurts every time I see a neglected fuselage car like that. Man, what a shame. Could be such a cool ride.
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    For Sale 1969 Newport on St Charles MO Cl

    Yeah love them fuselage cars.
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    For Sale 1966 Plymouth Fury III - $5200 (Aiken, SC)

    yeah they are. Had a 383 in a fuselage sport fury....ran that motor and always came back for more...and moved that big ol fury quiet nicely.