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    Who's definite for Carlisle this year?

    ..besides the usual crowd, lol.
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    Just a little trip to the Custard stand

    Went to this little ice cream / custard stand on a byway that cuts across the farm and woodlands of south jersey. Dave probably been by here a million plus two times. A little piece of Americana that is still alive and thriving. This is down the road from the Cowtown rodeo; another piece of...
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    Archie getting it said

    Archie tells it like it is....
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    Eleventy Thousand

    I just turned eleventy thousand
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    Airbus formations

    Pretty cool..........
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    This kid has Rudy J's back
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    Six years in

    Undeniable truths
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    And they call me anti-social because I refuse to join in and open an account. F-U zukerberg.
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    Nuke map

    See if your toast in the event of a nuclear exchange.
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    Enuff said

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    A different spin.....

    Well executed though.
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    Old wive's tale or true

    Transmission fluid can be used in power steering system in older cars also. I've heard this pop up every now and then. My wife's car uses transmission fluid in its power steering system directly, but it's an import. Old wives tale, BS?
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    Live from the moon:
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    This is scary crazy ****
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    Them Duke boys have new set of wheels

    Ok, I can live with the viper, but I would think they could have have freshed the original General Lee up. Perhaps promote some mopar machine shop by showing them in the process of rebuilding the hemi (supposed to be a hemi, right?). PST freshing the suspension, yada yada...
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    What movie are these shots from?

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    Wonder how long it will last?
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    Mopar vs. foreign iron (sniff).
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    Ultimate American muscle car”

    Yeah, sure. Ford "tuners" trying to steal some thunder.
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    Tonights main event

    Anybody gonna watch the constitution get blown full of holes tonight?'ll have to catch it on either Univision or Telemundo b/c CBS, ABC, NBC are not carrying it. So appropriate.