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    Teach Me about Power Steering

    My Imperial has always had a bit of a leaky power steering system. I replaced a hose, but it still leaks. Now, after I’ve driven it a bit, it doesn’t have much power at idle (like when parking) and makes noise. The reservoir is low-ish but not low. It’s over the vanes in the pump and just needs...
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    Rear Shocks and Springs: One Day?

    As some may recall, I live in a beach town and don't have a place that I can leave my car apart and immobile. Therefore, I can only do limited projects that can be started and finished in a day. My rear springs sag a lot. A previous owner put on air shocks, but they leak air, so sag out after a...
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    Rear Spring Specifiations

    I'm thinking of getting springs while my car is in Mexico. However I'm concerned about getting the right rate and ride height. Anyone have a set of specs for rear springs on a '67 imperial Crown Sedan?
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    Replacing Power Steering Box Seals

    My power steering box leaks, and it appears to be coming out of the fitting at the top of the box, that has the high pressure line. An Imperialist told me that many of the O-rings can be changed with the box in the car. Is this one of them? Anyone done it?
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    Turn Signal Cam/Switch (1967 Imperial)

    The turn signal cam in the tilt/tele 1967 Imperial is notoriously fragile. I don't think there's anyone on the Imperial Club list with one that functions right. There's a rumor that the columns were made by Saginaw, and therefore a GM part might fit as a replacement. Anyone know anything about...
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    Tie Rods: Wheels Up or Down?

    I'm looking to (finally) replace my tie rods this weekend. I'd prefer to do it at my house, which means I don't have a good, level spot to put the car on stands. Does this matter? I can't think of a reason why I couldn't leave the wheels on the ground, unless the angle makes something...
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    Bias Ply Tires: Stripes and Date Codes

    So when I was pulling my hubcap out of my trunk, I decided to look under my spare tire cover in the trunk. It's a bias ply white wall tire. I know the factory original white walls weren't a single stripe. This one is three stripes, little between two bigs. What was the original pattern? Also...
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    Hubcap Technique

    I'm a little embarrassed to be asking this at all, but.... On my way to lunch day before yesterday, I heard a whaaannnnggg from the back of the car. Since it drove fine, and nothing was wrong with the gauges, I guessed it was a hubcap coming off. After lunch, I looped back around on the freeway...
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    Air Bags for Load Leveling

    One of the things my '67 Imperial needs is a set of new rear springs. However, I'm guessing that the rear ride height will still vary quite a bit depending on load: passengers, gas, trunk. Has anyone installed air bags for load leveling? I'm envisioning having springs that take the weight of the...
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    Bleeding Master Cylinders for Budd Brakes

    All the info below is related to the 1967 Imperial and Chrysler FSM. I got my master cylinder from PST last weekend, and I'm hoping to put it on this weekend. A couple of things: 1) Previously, I hadn't seen the separate trouble-shooting section in the Budd brakes part of "Brakes." I only saw...
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    Master Cylinder Comparison (1967 Imperial)

    I went to buy a master cylinder from my local O'Reilly Auto Parts, but they no longer stock them, and can't order them. Same with NAPA. (Okay, O'Reilly can send mine off for rebuilding, but I want to swap, not send away to fix.) I see AAP has remans from Cardone for $45 (including core), Rock...
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    Tie Rod Information

    I took my '67 Imperial in to be aligned today and they told me that I need new inner and outer tie rods as well as adjuster sleeves. Also, the car would require shimming to fully cure the pull to the left. Looking at the diagram in the FSM, I see a left and right tie rod which both attach to...
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    And Another Thing....! Suspension Adjuster Bolt Source

    As mentioned in my progress thread, the reason my passenger side was sagging and not adjusting properly seems to be that the adjuster bolt was rusty, seized, and the threads were worn. I chased the threads with some wire I had lying around (my proper thread chase was at my house, and I was...
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    Rear Ride Height

    Anyone know what the proper ride height is for a '67 Imperial? The FSM says to measure carefully, and make sure the car is within 3/4" side to side, but doesn't say what the proper overall ride height should be.
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    Reinstalling torsion bars: help

    I'm putting the isolator subframe back on my '67 Imperial. Problem is that the torsion bars have rotated a few degrees counter clockwise so I can't get the subframe back over the flats on the bars. Adjusters are totally loose on both sides. Any my tricks to making this happen, or is there...
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    235/85 R15 (Doesn't Exist, I Know)

    Looking through the discussions about the proper tire size for our cars, the consensus is that it's 235/75 R 15. It seems that the consensus is because there is no actual modern equivalent to the original fitment bias ply tire (9.15-15, right?) At 9.3" wide, the width is about right, but bias...
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    Torsion Bar Adjusters, '67 Imperial

    As mentioned in other threads, I'm going to be replacing the Isolators on my Imperial soon. I'm trying to get the parts together in advance (I must be getting old) so I can just remove and replace, not run around and find stuff. One of the things wrong with my front end is that the right side...
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    Torsion Bar Seals: '67 Imperial

    As I mentioned in my thread in the Imperial section, my Isolators have been shipped (actually arrived this week). Another thread on the Imperial group list brought up Chrysler parts guy Gary Goers, so i checked out his site. I noticed torsion bar seals. What should I look for to determine if...
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    Master Cylinder Issues?

    I think I may have mentioned before that it feels like my brakes drag. I went to visit a local guy today who has two Imperials, '60 and '64 convertibles, and he noticed the same thing. I can usually smell brakes when I pull into a parking lot, and at first I attributed that to new pads and...
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    1967 Imperial Torsion Bar Isolators

    I mentioned this in my ongoing Imperial thread, but didn't post up a question, because it's one of the things I've come across that's Imperial only, and not a general C-Body question. But here goes anyway.... It appears that the "Isolator" on the driver's side of my Imperial is bad. With the...