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    Disc brake conversion alert

    Rotors are easy to find. Just expensive. One company cast a lot of them, and they can be purchased new. They're just not cheap. I can't speak to calipers, since I have three sets, and never tried to source them.
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    Museum piece

    Or maybe it was designed by Da Vinci!
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    Mopar 440 magnum intake manifold

    You are correct, according to the chart I found by following a link from Commando1 in another thread: Ad lists it as casting 2806178, and there is only one casting number listed for 440-4 manifolds in 1967-1969.
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    Museum piece

    That one costs more because all the writing is backwards. It's a 1 of 1 production.
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    For Sale 67-68 Big Block Exhaust Manifolds

    That's interesting. For 1967-1967 there's a common Magnum right-side manifold, but the left side changes after '67. Anyone know the difference?