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    Body Hardware Availability

    Awesome, thanks guys!
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    Body Hardware Availability

    I've been told that I'm actually in the final final stages of the paint project. The holdup now is hardware to reassemble the car. A lot of it was rusty and can't be reused. I don't have an inventory of what is needed yet, but I wanted to get ahead of it. How available is the hardware to...
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    Vinyl Roof Material Sources

    Good responses thank you. I got pressured from my guy to make up my mind. I'll see what I can get in time
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    Vinyl Roof Material Sources

    So my question about why roofs rust under vinyl was mostly general, since I'm getting my car painted, and the roof is going to be prepped and painted properly, but it was on my mind. However, I've changed my mind and I'm not going to have the top material sourced in Mexico. The first source I...
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    Rust repair options helpNo

    Sorry, but if you can't afford a car cover, there is nothing you can do to save the rest of this car. Even doing the work yourself, it's going to cost you plenty. The advice to use this as a parts car is good. Maybe spray some ospho or other inhibitor to maximize the number of parts that remain...
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    Rust Under Vinyl

    There's a lot of periodic discussion about rust under vinyl roofs. A lot of the back and forth suggests that the tops weren't fully prepped and painted, or that blems got the vinyl, or stuff like that. Looking at my roof with the vinyl off, it appears fully painted, but still has a bit of rust...
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    Love It or Hate It

    I remember reading this thread when I joined a while back. Nice to see the additional work on it. I love the panels. Growing up in the LA area, there were lots of low riders around, and I still get stoked when I see them. I have a particular nostalgia for the geometric panels on the sides of...
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    Fiberglass hoods

    Maybe, but he's also going to have the original steel hood. So minimal impact.
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    Have to painted or have new vintl put on on 67 Sport Fury fast top?

    I like the gloss black roof look. My '68 Dart was set up that way. The previous owner had done it, so I'm not sure what he did with the molding, though. It's my plan for my car when the time comes.