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    Calculating Distance Below Deck

    I'm looking at various engine combinations, and I'm confused about how to calculate the "Distance below deck" of the piston. It looks like a stock mid-60s 440 has a 3.375" stroke, 10.725" deck height, 2.067" compression height, and 6.76" rods. The most common measurement I see for "distance...
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    May Mopar Action?

    i just saw that the current issue of Mopar Action has part two of an engine story swapping on 440-Source heads. Anyone have the May issue who could share part one?
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    K&N ECI Plate?

    Has anyone seen the new intake product from K&N? It's the "ECI Plate" and is designed to go under a carb to help it idle and accellerate more smoothly. I just saw the blurb on Hot Rod's website, and I gotta say: I don't get it. They think it's like the second coming, but it seems to me to be the...
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    EFI Tank?

    Is there an “EFI-ready” tank available for ‘67 Imperials? Thinking of going that route rather than a surge tank.
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    Total Fantasyland: Aluminum Blocks

    Does anyone know anything about aluminum RB blocks? I see that World Products makes the cast iron MP block and made an aluminum block as well. They're obviously targeted to the racing market, but would they hold up as a daily driver with appropriate cams and components? I mean, nobody is...
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    518-618 Torqueflite Valve Body Swap

    In my ongoing scheme to eventually swap my 727 for a 518, 70NPORT's post about the kickdown and the reply about interchangability of valve bodies got me thinking. I've read that all valve bodies can be swapped onto all torqueflites (at least, they will fit). If a 618 is a stouter transmission...
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    Vacuum Hose Size

    Anyone know off hand what size vacuum hoses I'll find under the hood of my '67 Imperial? The car starts like crap, has an off-idle stumble, and I think the carb is jetted rich to compensate for leaking vacuum lines. Because of my limited time to work on it, I've just lived with it. But I'd like...
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    I did a search for starters, and if you can get through all the off-topic stuff about flying and trash talking, there seems to be consensus that the later 318 starter is the way to go for a 440. Stan put up a link to this starter...
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    Throttle Return Springs: How to Choose?

    So one of the little things that drives me nuts about my car is that the throttle return spring is way too stiff. I did a quick 'net search, and came up with all sorts of spring assortments. How do I choose?
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    Flex Fan vs Clutch

    I put up the same summary about my '67 Imperial over on the Imperial group. One guy replied that some of the noise I was describing might be from a frozen fan clutch, which would cause it to rev up and get loud. When I popped the hood to look, I found I had no clutch! Instead it's a flexible...
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    Fixing a Leaky Rear Main Seal, Still in Car

    In another thread, Detmatt mentioned that one of the reasons for pulling his motor was so that he didn't have to fix his rear main seal while lying on his back. Can the rear main be replaced (the bottom half, I'd think) with the engine in the car?
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    Power versus Gears

    Poking around here and other places, there seems to be a lot of disagreement and talk about how much power or raciness is appropriate for C bodies. It occurs to me that one of the issues is the three-speed transmission. What these cars really need is a four-speed. I did some math, and with an OD...
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    Dual Snorkel Air Cleanes

    Okay, I know I'm going to be told this has been debated before, but I did a search for snorkel, and didn't come up with an answer. I read somewhere that Dodge vans had dual snorkel air cleaners into the '70s, and that they would fit on various carbs. Is there other availability for dual...
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    Talk to Me about Heat Risers

    Looking under my '67 Imperial today, I got a pleasant surprise: My right side exhaust down tube isn't being held on by bailing wire. It's perfectly sound and secure. The down side of this information is that the bailing wire is being used to hold the heat riser closed. (So it doesn't send heat...
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    440 Carb Pad Height

    So I'm leaning towards the Edelbrock Performer carb, and it's making me think about the intake manifold. I'm thinking about getting a Performer manifold as well. One concern is the height of the carb and manifold combination. I read some (unconfirmed) reports of hood clearance issues on later...
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    Replacement Carb Question/Opinions

    As mentioned in another post, the carb on my '67 Imperial seems to leak occasionally. I suspect sticky floats. However, I just looked up the numbers stamped on the air horn, and found out it's a 600CFM vacuum-secondary, manual choke carb. Factory original is a Holley 4160 750CFM carb, with an...
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    Muffler Dimension Question

    I asked this question in my Imperial thread, so I hope you guys don't mind the cross-post. When measuring the existing muffler for replacement, it came up as 2-1/8" on the ID of the inlet and outlet (or also the OD of the pipe that goes into the muffler). When I went online to buy a...