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    Hey NOOB from Australia with a 66 Dodge phoenix..

    Welcome to the site from America's Finest City! (my nod to Matt's welcome)
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    New Car first C body

    That is a great story. I've flown off to buy a motorcycle to ride home, but taking a trip with your son, and then roadtripping back is such a great elevation of the concept. I'm already planning how I can use that idea in 10 years when my kids are old enough to appreciate it. I'm also glad that...
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    Hello from Belvidere IL

    I'd guess that the ambulance is later than '59, judging by the A-pillar. Or more specifically, by the lack of a wrap-around windshield. If it's a Cadillac, they kept the wrap-around windshield on limos and Professional cars after they were left behind on the regular production. I think the last...