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  1. 70NPORT

    Strange problem this a.m.

    I just happen to look down and noticed the voltmeter gauge stop registering as I was driving this morning (the factory amp gauge is bypassed). Also the turn signals, the tachometer and wipers bombed out (everything else works...interior lights, horn, heat, cig lighter..) I stopped to park...
  2. 70NPORT

    Ballast resistors

    How to ID these old ballast resistors? The top one has "2.0 W", and "1.25 ohms" printed on the side, the middle one has "3658199" stamped onto the front (part no. ?). The bottom has absolutely nothing stamped or printed on it whatsoever.
  3. 70NPORT


    MAD CONVERSION>#10awg lead (w/ a fusible link) from batt term on alternator to SR on the firewall (bypassed/disco'd the amp gauge, I have a voltmeter to work in place of the factory amp gauge). Question is now the oem lead that was originally on the alternator can be removed/disco'd at the...
  4. 70NPORT

    2nd time in three years

    2ND time in three years on the back of a tow truck. Today we didn't make it back under our own power. Its the ignition system, but what part of it I still can't determine. One minute its fine, the next it will not start for anything...just like that, no warning.....apparently the starter is not...
  5. 70NPORT

    Exact starter switch

    Question: Where to score an exact fit steering column starter switch for 69-73 Chryslers? THIS Rock Auto pos I received is not an exact fit/replica of the OEM switch. They claim it is. It has eight holes/slots but only 4 pins. The original piece has 8 slots and 8 pins...1 pin in ea slot. Had...
  6. 70NPORT

    Spark Plug Wires, Who's/What's your prefered or favorite brands?

    I've burnt the crap out of the rear two boots (#7 & #8) from getting to close to the exhaust flanges...they're burned and cracked. Thinking about doing the "straight" boots this go around rather than the "L" shaped Accel 8.0mm wires I have now. Do the straight boots hold up longer?
  7. 70NPORT

    Turn signals

    What's the best place to find one of these? I bet (hope) there sold from a bunch of places. From what I understand the four-ways (hazards) and turn signals are controlled by two different flashers. This is the turn signal flasher. I think my died, the lights energize when the turn signal stalk...
  8. 70NPORT


    Anyone have problems with these? I just had a second one crap out (will not maintain batt charge level). translation: alt needle is dead on "D" ..discharge, not a good thing. The funny thing is I have original OEM alternator...
  9. 70NPORT

    Any suggestions for

    ....what's happening here? HIGH BEAMS:extremely high on pass side, extremely dim on drivers side: LOW BEAMS:Although lights are switched to "low beam" operation, all four lights are on, with the inward bulbs being very dim. I just noticed this driving into the garage. Never happened...
  10. 70NPORT

    High torque mini-starter

    I think the ol' girl's starter motor is about to go AWOL, not sounding like it should when it cranks....I've had and cranked enough mopars to know when something sounds wrong, lol. I think this might be the original starter the car was born with, I dunno for sure. So anyways a great excuse to...
  11. 70NPORT

    Ignition switch

    This afternoon I inserted my car key into the ignition cylinder on the steering column and noticed a slight delay or pause before the engine started. Long story short I think the cylinder is malfunctioning. Just to be sure I rigged a squeeze trigger switch across the starter relay: squeeze the...
  12. 70NPORT

    Brake light gremlins

    Well this is a first for me, never had to deal with any electrical gremlins before. Situation: 20amp fuse protecting the brake lights (also protects door buzzer, dome/interior lights, etc.) is continuously burning out. I know the fuse has popped when I open the door with key still in the...
  13. 70NPORT

    Stock "points" dist. to Mopar performance electronic ignition system.

    I mistakenly posted the beginning of this odyssey over in the "engine, transmission & drive line" forum not realizing there is an "ignition/electrical forum" as I'm switching my 70' Newport / 383 motor from a "points" type system to an electronic "pointless" system driven by an...
  14. 70NPORT

    Chrysler Fuse block

    What is the best method of running power taps from the fuse block in a 70' Chrysler? I'm thinking of tapping off the ACC slot as I want to run aux gauges (sunpro voltmeter, oil press, water temp under dash pieces).