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    Help identifying rear end part

    Eaton detroit locker?
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    Leaf Springs or Air Shocks for sagging 197070 Chrysler 300

    many years ago i welded and reinforced a bunch of them but cant recall if they were mopar
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    Hobby Upholstery shop setup and projects

    judging by the SMS horror stories an industrial sewing machine doesn't sound like a bad investment...
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    Leaf Springs or Air Shocks for sagging 197070 Chrysler 300

    the area where the shocks mount up top was never designed to support the weight of the vehicle
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    Lifter noise at start up

    just to go off in a completely different direction, are you sure you're not hearing an exhaust leak for a couple of seconds till things warm up, expand and seal?
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    Cam choice

    theoretically there's no reason why you cant accomplish what you want with a flat tappet cam...however with all the horror stories out there about bad lifters and current cams losing lobes i think the roller is a $500 insurance policy by the builder that the thing is going to stay together...
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    Brake Service and Front Drums Mismatched

    while you're at it replace the rubber brake hoses too...
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    Convertible Top Operation

    on my 68 fury there is an extra red wire attached to the ammeter post that goes back to a circuit breaker buried in the drivers doorpost behind the kickpanel...this is where the top circuit gets its power from, not the fuse box
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    Convertible carpet question

    what appears to be the case is that even though the ACC carpet in its standard form will not have the extra tails for alongside the rear seat and therefore not fit, certain vendors claim to have sufficient clout to special order their carpets cut a bit longer so that they will work...of course...
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    Heater box linkage and vacuum operation

    P.S. how did i get my hernia? taking the box out from under the dash....
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    Heater box linkage and vacuum operation

    did you check all the vacuum actuators to see if their diaphrams were still good?...i used a harbor freight hand vacuum pump to make sure they all moved and held pressure in both directions... had 3 parts boxes and still had to find one nos actuator to get it working...from what i recall the...
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    A Tour of the McCandless Museum Wherein are Many Outstanding Forward Look Cars and some Related History of the Period

    went there with the Plymouth club March 18th for their open house...awesome collection...everything there has amazing history...bonneville, mexican road race,the drag cars...the forward looks aren't just excellent restorations they are all rarities...i think every one had dual quad big...
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    Stinkin Ujoints

    had to do the same thing to the spicer i got from NAPA... it didn't take much, and didn't have to do it to the rear one
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    Harmonic balancer.

    auto zone has free rentals...well they charge you for the tool initially and refund it in full when you return it
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    3 speed wiper motor connector

    troubleshooting wipers that work when they want and park even less often...moving the wires by this connector and things work again...this is on a 68 Sport Fury convertible...I have another 68 here with 3 speed wipers (wagon) and it doesn't have this connector...the wires come straight out of...
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    Wacky fuel guage

    did float itself leak and fill partially with gas?
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    Ran out of gas ugh!

    a rust hole in the pickup tube could suck air...could be at the level where the car sat forever with bad gas in it...could have corroded the sender rheostat as well
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    Hey all, need some suggestions on conv weatherstrip

    Steele Rubber in North Carolina...
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    383 HP exhaust manifold sleeve nut head's broken

    i agree with john...heat cherry red with a torch, let cool, repeat...shoot with some penetrant to shock/shrink it...since at this point its just a sleeve it should come loose fairly easily...i wouldnt try to drill it out as now you would have to deal with getting the stud out of the head and if...
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    My 66 Newport turned 66,666 today!

    i just sent over a priest...