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    cant close front window when rear window up on 2 door

    Hi all: i cant close the window all the way when rear window is up on 2 67 newport custom . Window works fine when rear window is down a little. could this be because the door may need to be moved forward a little?
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    drip rail chrome!

    the drip rail chrome on the left front corner keeps coming off it wont attach properly because it is twisted a little. how can i make it fit properly or can i use adhesive chrom stips from parts stores? Thanks!
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    WHy wont cold light go out?

    when the sending unit unplugged the light goes out
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    WHy wont cold light go out?

    Hi everyone: replaced temp sending unit, and wire for the hot side. Engine warms up but the cold light wont go off. Does anybody know why this would be happening? possibly a bad sending unit even though it is new? or would there be another problem? Thanks!
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    temp sender wire melted

    the wire for the hot light (purple wire from sender) melted right up to bulk head connector. at the same time the starter relay stopped working coincidence? is ipossible for the temp sending unit to short out? rest of wires are good. what would cause this wire to melt? thanks in advance
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    has anyone driven a large distance?

    im just curios has anyone driven their car over a thousand miles without any problems? i rebuilt engine and am anxious to take it on a long trip? crazy?
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    Transmission not shifting properly

    Hi everyone My transmission in a 67 chrysler newport shifts hard from 1 -2 and doesnt shift until about 23 miles per hour and motor at high rpm. Then from 2 -3 at about 45Mph. oil level is full. Is there any adjustments? or should i take to transmission shop, Do the newer transmission shops...
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    no park in transmission

    I took out valve body to replace shift shaft seal but park lever would not come out of transmission so disconnected at valve body, but now when i put it back in there is no park! how could i fix this? Thanks!
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    interior top of windshield trim on 67 chrysler newport custom

    does any one know the size of the screws that hold the upper windshield trim in place? is the brackets on the roof or does it screw in i have the pieces in place around the sides but i am having trouble with top piece
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    Windshield question

    Bobs Classic Auto Glass sent me a w/s part numberDW 692 CLN
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    Windshield question

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if any of you know is a windshield the same for a 67 chrysler newport 2 door hardtop the same as a 67 Dodge 2 door hardtop?
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    Door Adjustment problem

    Hi Everyone. I know this has been dealt with before, but cant find it and my FSM not very clear. I replaced door hinge pins and bushings on the drivers door ( 67 chrysler Newport Custom 2 door hard top) I had hinges off the body and off the door because i wanted to paint them. Now... i put door...
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    Hi all: I am wondering , is there a right and left roof rail weather strips or it doesnt matter?
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    Drivers door sagging

    My drivers door sagging on my 2 door, not very much but scraping the top of the striker. can i adjust the door? do i need to change the hinge pins and bushings, is it hard to do?
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    Weatherstrip question

    I am about to put roof rail ? weatherstrip on, ( the weatherstrip at the top of side windows) i am wondering , do you put the chrome moulding first and then the weatherstrip? Thanks!