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  1. 70NPORT

    In the day pictures.

    Yeah me too. Wish I could have been around to buy these cars off the showroom floor. Damn that must have been awesome.
  2. 70NPORT

    Bob Lambeck

    Love dem' mopars
  3. 70NPORT

    The winged warriors

    So badly wish I could have been there to see such an awesome sight.
  4. 70NPORT

    Plymouths last hurrah

    I love seeing back in the day pics.
  5. 70NPORT

    My favorite Duster

    Had me a 340 Duster once. Bad little mo fo.
  6. 70NPORT

    Fast Mopars and Fast Broads

    Eh. Cool cars, decent women. Sucky music.
  7. 70NPORT

    New look what ya think fellas

    LoL. Had to think about that first......"ovaries", WTF? LOL.
  8. 70NPORT

    Daytona Charger (Restored at GYC) on the Racetrack

    Now thAt is cool to see.....a Daytona doing the 1320 boogy. Yes!
  9. 70NPORT


    jeez, speechless.LOL.
  10. 70NPORT

    Pro Street/Gasser?

    Looks like the heartbeat of america stopped that day.
  11. 70NPORT

    Almost 8 minutes of pure enjoyment

    Had I been my life would be totally different today beyond any doubts.
  12. 70NPORT

    Almost 8 minutes of pure enjoyment

    Ah, the good ol days.
  13. 70NPORT

    Decent Pass Tonight

    Yup. Deep enough pocket makes everything dance.