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  1. 70NPORT

    Just bought a 68 Polara 500 Convertible.

    Nice catch! Looks good, MoparOrNoCar.
  2. 70NPORT

    New to me 1968 300 2 door hardtop

    SCORRRRRE! That is sweet....nice going. Welcome!
  3. 70NPORT

    My spring project

    Nice 4dr 67 big block Plymouth.....definitely has potential. Could be a nice cruiser and with that 383 the capability to have plenty of power on tap to move out when need be.
  4. 70NPORT

    My spring project

    Yeah that IS nice. Welcome. More info/pics please.
  5. 70NPORT

    Photo op of the day...

    Does anyone live there?
  6. 70NPORT

    New Project!!!

    Welcome. Nice Plymouth. Jersey person here also.......south jersey, near to the Pine Barrens. Any more pics?
  7. 70NPORT


    THAT is cool! Love to have one of those over the weekend out in the pine barrens and cranberry swamps. Yeehaw!
  8. 70NPORT

    I finally got one !

    Congrats. Many happy days ahead! Posted via Topify on Android
  9. 70NPORT

    Wife's daily drver

    Shweeet. Nice yorker. Very lucky wife.
  10. 70NPORT

    My New Obsession

    Well now isn't THIS something. Welcome aboard but be careful...owning an old mopar is a love/hate relationship that will utterly consume you......your gonna forget about ALL else......the Blue what? Sign of the who?...who the hell lives in cleveland?
  11. 70NPORT

    Happy Thanksgiving:

    Happy Turkey Day. Do eat too much.
  12. 70NPORT

    Expert Advice needed

    Welcome aboard.
  13. 70NPORT

    Black Friday:

    I don't do any of that. I absolutely cannot stand crowds esp. when it is jammed packed and you must be very near to others....strangers....close to your I never go shopping under any circumstances if I can help it. The internet is my best friend.
  14. 70NPORT

    Last ride of the year?

    You should have been here last year. Slush, right. I plan to drive until either there's measurable amount of snow on the ground and/or I see those damn salt trucks. Now they've begun to use some type of "salty" chemical spray on the roads here. Shows over once they put that crap down.
  15. 70NPORT

    Last ride of the year?

    Very cool. Get all driving you can in before the nastiness comes. Six inches? already??
  16. 70NPORT

    Will B body headers fit a C body

    What type of spark plug wires are those?