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  1. 70NPORT

    New guy to the site.

    THAT was a very nice trip.
  2. 70NPORT

    Hello from TNaCBody

    My 72' Charger....good times those were. It is a miracle my dumb *** never spent a single night in jail.
  3. 70NPORT

    new C body member 69 newport custom

    Indeed, indeed.
  4. 70NPORT

    new C body member 69 newport custom

    That is absolutely FANTASTIC you saved that car from the demo people. Too nice to end up with such a terrible fate, love the Charger too!
  5. 70NPORT

    Hello from TNaCBody

    Yea, wow. It sure is. Guess your familiar with rt.130...and the surrounding areas...cinnaminson, riverside, palmyra? Those use to be my old "stomping" grounds before I got married. Been stopped by the Palmyra cops many times in the wee hours of the morning....usually after flying over the...
  6. 70NPORT


    Welcome aboard. Love to see pics if ya have any.
  7. 70NPORT

    Hello from TNaCBody

    Welcome TNaCbody
  8. 70NPORT

    Greetings 1966 Fury

    Nice wheels, dude. Welcome.
  9. 70NPORT

    Hello, Just bought a Fury

    Welcome, and nice!
  10. 70NPORT

    The Crispy Chrysler

    Daaayumn. Looks exactly my trunk. lol.
  11. 70NPORT

    New Mopar owner

    Welcome. Nice Wheels, dude.
  12. 70NPORT

    The Crispy Chrysler

    Ah yes, another Fuselage Chrysler. Can't get enough of those here! Welcome.
  13. 70NPORT

    New Owner of a 1972 Plymouth Fury III 2 door hardtop all original car.

    Score! Welcome, you got yourself a nice set of wheels. Nice fuselage 2dr coups are getting very hard to come across so you've hit gold!
  14. 70NPORT

    New member, 1965 Sport Fury Owner

    Nice barn find, welcome.
  15. 70NPORT

    383 Grand Coupe Fury II

    Welcome, Akos.
  16. 70NPORT

    new member

    Hello and welcome.
  17. 70NPORT

    New member in South Dakota

    Howdy, Sheriff Bart.
  18. 70NPORT

    here is my mopar.. needs work. 65 plymouth fury 3 4 door

    Yep. That dual snorkel is worth some $$$
  19. 70NPORT

    New member with 1969 300

    Hi and welcome. Yep, we need to see pics.
  20. 70NPORT

    New member from tyhe Netherlands

    Welcome. Nice car.