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  1. 70NPORT

    The NYB gets a new Tuxedo

    Now WHY can't there be more guys like Raffael from points abroad, driven to stake their own claim rather than spooge off others. Anyone can see there's no glory to be had in spooging.
  2. 70NPORT

    Very Nice Formal

    got by me too (T&T). figured someone would explain sooner or later.
  3. 70NPORT

    Potential New Ride

    Told ya. Maybe next time you score something.
  4. 70NPORT

    Potential New Ride

    When you see any "C" body car it is a rare occasion, but I see more Formal cars out there during my travels than anything else, that much I'll say.
  5. 70NPORT

    Potential New Ride

    You really love formals eh Bob, lol. Posted via Topify on Android
  6. 70NPORT

    Potential New Ride

    So seal the deal and get it out of there. I wouldn't say anything until I had the title and driving down the road. Cash is king. When that's exchanged THEN the deal is complete.
  7. 70NPORT

    Which Formal Would You Choose?

    It will pop up on you at the very least moment you'd expect it to. Be prepared.
  8. 70NPORT

    This is why they are called Formals

    A 70's era fad? Posted via Topify on Android
  9. 70NPORT

    Buying advice needed for 1977 New Yorker

    Welcome. I'd pass on it. Easy to say but I see too many problems areas that would push it over the top for in walk away. Patience does pay off.
  10. 70NPORT

    St. Regis ad

    So is that ad attempting to appeal to, "older" gentleman or what?
  11. 70NPORT

    Thinking of buying a 77 Royal Monaco, what to expect?

    Grab it I say. 318/904 pretty much indestructible combination. Stay up on oil/fluid changes and you cant go wrong with it. Want more power down the road it is very easy to "wake up" the sleepy 318 with a few easy speed parts. So yea, go forth and grab it.....before some lurker/troll does...which...
  12. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    Sure it can. Doesn't necessarily have to pertain to packaging.
  13. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    A "parcel".
  14. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

  15. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    Friends Bob?
  16. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    well...yeah. Early seventies. The only thing I'm sorry for is missing Chrysler cars coming off the line all brand spanking new. My dad bought a couple c bodies and b bodies off used car lots in the very early eighties...maybe late seventies. That's about it.
  17. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    Got it. I guess lots of people doing Psychedelic drugs back then. The only rational explanation.
  18. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    What does "Aquarius" mean....on a bug guard??? I would NEVER put a bug guard on any car I ever own.
  19. 70NPORT

    bug deflector

    I don't like bug guards on cars.....any car.
  20. 70NPORT

    Considering The Purchase of a Formal

    Cajun baked beans? Wouldn't want to be kittie