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  1. SuperDave

    hemi or not to hemi

    It's a shame you didn't grab the trans, wiring harness and computer from the donor you salvaged the gen III Hemi from, then the conversion would be easy peasy. Then all you would need to fab would be motor mounts and trans crossover. That modern engine won't return good mileage behind a 727 or...
  2. SuperDave

    Coolant Overflow Bottle

    When I was building my hot rod Newport, I made my own with a NOS energy drink bottle (24 oz), a hose clamp and some leftover braided hose/fittings. This way when the hood is open, some kid who doesn't know any better can point to it and say, "Oh cool, look! He's got NOS!" And yes, it works...
  3. SuperDave

    Check Rubber Fuel Lines

    Back in 2020 when I put Project Turd back on the road, I was concerned about ethanol blended gasoline. With a background/education in auto mechanics as well as chemistry & physics, I knew rubber and ethanol don't play well with each other. So I made it a point to replace every last single inch...
  4. SuperDave

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    Couple years back in our small town (5000 in the entire county) an RV resort park held it's biannual car show. They hired a new manager maybe a month prior to the 2nd show and no one told him to plan for the event. No signage or advertising, the day of the event the owner called up the new mngr...
  5. SuperDave

    I asked before and I'll ask again, where God can I actually get a power steering pump?

    As far as belt squealing goes, a fresh belt or even some aerosol "belt dressing" may solve that. Maybe both. I've had to deal with that for years on my Mopar, specifically for the power steering. There's a guy I know across town with a '69 Road Runner, met him at a car show. He told me he...
  6. SuperDave

    1973 400 wake up

    As was stated earlier, 73 was a low compression smog motor. I couldn't (& still can't) afford aluminum heads for my '73 400 Newport, but if I did, my choice would be either 440Source or Edelbrock RPM heads. I went with flat top pistons and shaved heads. I made sure to have the intake manifold...
  7. SuperDave

    how to free or prevent sticky valves and lifters

    2 stroke or Marvel Mystery oil added to the fuel will only help with the valve guides from sticking, sticking/ticking lifters are treated by the oil. As was stated earlier, it's likely dirty oil, or even clogged lifters (baked on varnish from old, broken down oil or trash). That crap needs to be...
  8. SuperDave

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    Long story, so go grab a beer. Grew up in a Mopar family, at 1st anyway. Grandad had a 69 New Yorker, 440 hwy king, nobody could pass him. The only child of a single mom, I often rode shotgun in my momma's purple 70 Charger 500, white vinyl top & interior, 383 magnum & a pistol grip 4 speed...
  9. SuperDave

    Let's see your Newports

    My 73. Couldn't afford a muscle car so I built my own. I've seen big Chevys, Lincoln's & Caddies pimped out but not a Chrysler so I "Dared to be Different". Original 400 after I waved my magic Craftsman wrench at it. Now it's a 'Magnum 400' A few custom touches, custom grill, lights & LEDs...
  10. SuperDave

    Let's see your tips

    Side pipes for me, 4" balcony cut tips mounted the same angle as the cuts so they exit flush to the body. They sound nice too!
  11. SuperDave

    Will a head upgrade bring compression up on 73’ Imperial?

    If you're on a budget, choose the heads that have the smallest chambers, send them out for a 3 angle valve job and hardened seats and invest in a Dremil. Not one of those cheap Harbor Freight knockoffs either, they'll fall apart within the 1st ten hours of use. (Ask me how I know). Then watch a...
  12. SuperDave

    How Did This Happen? Bent Speedo Needle and Broken Cable

    If it were me, I'd test it first before installing. Obviously it'll need a new cable, something you can get at RockAuto. That's where I got mine anyways. Insert the cable into the speedo head & spin the trans end by hand, then with a drill. That'll show if it's viable to be reused and installed...
  13. SuperDave

    To Mod, or Not to Mod, that is the question. What will break at 500hp?

    First few things that come to mind are motor mounts, trans upgrades, U-joints, driveshaft, ring & pinion, axles & leaf springs. The 8.25 axle can only "safely" handle 400 hp in stock form, any more and either the internals need serious upgrades, OR replacing it with an 8.75" or better. Caltrac...
  14. SuperDave

    Idiot lights

    @fury fan , I "built" the circuit given by bigmoparjeff, and I now have a low voltage idiot light. I've got it set to come on at 4 volts (any lower and nothing works - period!) and it starts doing at 12.4 volts, going off completely at 13 volts. The original factory low fuel light circuit...
  15. SuperDave

    Upholsterer has my seat - unresponsive

    It's been a few months since your last post on this issue. Have you found another upholsterer yet?
  16. SuperDave

    Interchangeable window parts

    @Fishfan , the Amazon option is cheaper, several hundred worth. But according to the reviews, the "adapter" that connects to the crank stub is driven by a cogged cable/belt and can strip or even break. I'm thinking it could be due to stiff manual regulators binding. Here's one such example...
  17. SuperDave

    Interchangeable window parts

    Okay, I'm about to bite the bullet big time, interior overhaul: sound system (90% purchased, need grommets & wires), aftermarket gauges (purchased), carpet & dead-liner insulation (purchased), seat covers & extra material for door skins ($900 saved back, another $100 for taxes & shipping). I'm...
  18. SuperDave

    Road Wheel Choices On Wagon

    I vote body color, looks like the wheels match the vehicle and were meant to be that way. It's super rare these days when every car on the road has alloy wheels from the dealer, they're so common as to be uninteresting anymore. But if you have to have aftermarket rims, it's hard to argue with...
  19. SuperDave

    Hurricane Ian

    Maybe that's why Florida is known as God's Waiting Room, all them retirees who move there for the mild winters and whatnot, just waiting to die. You just wait until you're 85 and the arthritis in the winter gets so bad you'd rather die than suffer anymore, and you will see the appeal of Florida.