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    Thanks a lot for all the replies. It sure looks like I have a lot of choices! bnz84-what was the stuff you used on your siding---IN-CIDE or OdoBan? I've got some stuff growing on a garage I could use that on. I'm just trying to be careful and not ruin my interior. I may try some vinegar in a...
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    Does anyone have experience with removing mold from interior parts-dash, door panels, etc? I've read white vinegar works and will prevent future growth. But I never see details, like what NOT to use it on, dilution, and so on.
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    Yet another Vintage yard crushing out (worst ever)!!!!!!!!!

    That's just sad. I think this could be the place Ian Roussel posted on Instagram a few days ago.
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    Lower control arm removal

    Thanks. I have torsion bars out and all that stuff, they're just tight. Maybe the PB Blaster I sprayed on yesterday will make them fall right out later, lol
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    Front suspension wrench sizes

    I made some notes as I was disassembling the front suspension on my '66 Chrysler Town & Country. I hope this will be useful for other people getting ready to do front end work on their C bods. These are from a '66 Chrysler Town & Country, other years and models may differ slightly Mine has 1973...
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    Lower control arm removal

    Does anyone have any tips on getting lower control arms out of the K member? I'm replacing the worn out front end parts on my '66 T&C. Most everything so far has been fairly easy, with the help of a C-3964 ball joint tool.
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    Lower ball joints, again

    Thanks to everyone for the quick responses. I have placed an order with Craig.
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    Let's see some Wagons!

    Here's an Illinois State Police Polara I spotted last month in Springfield, IL. Is it a '71? Wish I had more details on it!
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    Lower ball joints, again

    Davea-thanks, I've read about him here. Just wondered about the Rare Parts ones, too. traintech-He would have had to change lower ball joints, Budd brake ball joints have 4 attaching bolts.
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    Lower ball joints, again

    Well, the front end on my wagon is shaking like a (fill in the blank) so I finally bit the bullet and started taking the front end apart. I'm going to need lower ball joints and front strut bushings. I'm thinking about getting Firm Feel upper LCAs, and having them rebuild my lower control arms...
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    sway bar bushings

    I had to replace the bushings + the outside metal on my '66 Chrysler wagon end links. I got mine from carid in 2018, and they were a Delco part, believe it or not. Are the outside metal part on your bushings 2 piece and bolted together with 2 bolts?
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    any idea where to get this sway bar bushing

    Are you talking about the bushings or Firm Feel sway bar?
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    '69-'72 Spindles or '73 Spindles?

    Thanks! Is the number visible with them installed on the car?
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    '69-'72 Spindles or '73 Spindles?

    Did you find out what year your spindles are? The reason I ask is because I think I have the same type on my '66 T & C.
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    Drop Spindles from Firm Feel

    Same here. I've been talking to a guy at Firm Feel, and the ones they're showing now aren't going to work for me. He said there were other people interested in a spindle that would accept Chrysler rotors. The current ones don't. They use drum brake bearing specs and are made to use aftermarket...
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    Comment by 'TNT_wagon' in item 'Mymidlifechrysler'

    Beautiful car! I wondered if you were on this site. I'm gearhead_farmer on Instagram
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    disc brake problem-ID needed

    There isn't anywhere local that does it any more. I was hesitant to send them somewhere because I wasn't sure if I'd get the same ones back.
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    disc brake problem-ID needed

    I posted today. How do you impress upon somebody how to send the correct ones?
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    disc brake problem-ID needed

    Ok, I got 2 calipers, and attempted to put one on Saturday. After some coaxing, cussing, and prying, I find the pad/rotor area is 1/4" narrower! The new ones are supposed to be '73 rotors, and now I'm back to trying to figure out exactly what I have. My old ones are right at 3" measuring from...