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  1. Rubatoguy


    I want to know how they drained the wash water without causing major rust in the tailgate!
  2. Rubatoguy

    New Wiring challenges

    Have you measured the current though the wire? Since 16ga wire is only rated for 13a, it would seem that there may be something off in your calculations. I always thought that the high beam and low beam filaments lit separately. FYI, it is common to add relays to headlights to provide more power...
  3. Rubatoguy

    Power antenna connector

    I believe that end is called a female snap-lock. Here is an example of an adapter cable. Metra 40-CR10 Antenna Adapter Todd
  4. Rubatoguy

    1969 Convertible Top Fold Down Height

    How new is your top?
  5. Rubatoguy

    For Sale 1970 300

    What is "volo?" and do you have an asking price?
  6. Rubatoguy

    For Sale NOT MINE 1969 300 Convertable

    Seller said the previous owner did a repaint. I asked for more photos of the interior, engine, trunk and fender tag. He responded with a comment that the car was in a warehouse and asked if I was a serious seller.
  7. Rubatoguy

    For Sale NOT MINE 1969 300 Convertable For some reason the link did not post in the original.
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    For Sale NOT MINE 1969 300 Convertable

    Seen on Facebook Marketplace 1969 Chrysler 300 · Convertible Montesano, WA $18,000 Driven 75,000 miles Automatic transmission Exterior color: Red · Interior color: Black Seller's Description 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible, black interior very nice condition 440 high performance 4 Barrel all...
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    For Sale 1973 Chrysler Town & Country 9 Passenger Station Wagon

    I believe in a previous listing the seller said that he had put the rear spring shackles in backwards. (It was implied that this can be difficult to put the rear shackles in correctly so some people take the easy way out.) Todd
  10. Rubatoguy

    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 (NOT MINE)

    The thing that looks odd to me is the black seatbelts. Our family had a '71 300 with a brown/tan interior and the belts matched the seat color. Looks like it has some rare combinations - cloth bench and those black road wheels. It looks like they played with the photos to make it appear more...
  11. Rubatoguy

    Proper cleaning of engine bay - old dirt and grease

    I have had good results using S100 cycle cleaner. S100 Cycle Care Products | Home | S100 Cycle Care Products Does not destroy painted surfaces.
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    I've used gummi Pflege with good results.
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    AutoTemp II used in Mercedes? But you probably knew that..

    I just came across this video that shows a Chrysler AutoTemp II control servo in a Mercedes. It makes me laugh that Mercedes outsourced their climate control to Chrysler. Anyway the video is fun to watch and the tech does mention that there is a source for a metal replacement for the servo...
  14. Rubatoguy

    Question on '71 300 for sale

    Thanks for all the replies - if anyone is in the area and can put eyes on, I would appreciate it. Our family had a '71 in Tahitian Walnut Poly with matching brown vinyl roof and all vinyl interior with the bucket seats and center arm rest. I think the only option was AutoTemp II (Which would...
  15. Rubatoguy

    Question on '71 300 for sale

    I was wondering if I could get some wise comments on this car posted for sale in IL. It looks to have road salt issues, but I don't have the knowledge to know if this does not look to bad or a rust bucket that looks good from 10 feet away. Comments...
  16. Rubatoguy

    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300

    How much you want to bet the bottom of the rear fenders were fixed like this:
  17. Rubatoguy

    For Sale '70 300 Hurst

    Looks like the seller has lots of cars up for sale that he knows nothing about. Steve Hryckowian I wonder if this is one of those deals where someone offers to help sell a car for a fee to the actual owner.
  18. Rubatoguy

    For Sale '70 300 Hurst

    He must spend his time posting cars for sale for other people - he also has a .73 New Yorker for sale
  19. Rubatoguy

    For Sale 1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $3500 (Dale, IN)

    Almost looks like it had an engine fire looking at the pattern of the rust. Or it was parked under a lawn sprinkler... :-)