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  1. SuperDave

    Does a 1964 Imperial need upgrades for 70mph?

    Overdrive tranny or tall tires & hwy gears. Don't forget to recalibrate the speedo afterwards. Good shocks. I'm surprised no one mentioned road tunes, a radio upgrade wouldn't hurt. I got one with a USB slot and an SD card slot so I can preload MP3s , it's like I have my very own radio...
  2. SuperDave

    Moving an Imperial on a Uhaul trailer

    A number of years ago I towed a 3/4 ton pickup truck cross country without the benefit of a trailer. Knowing it was too big to fit a trailer, reasoning it only got 8 mpg on a GOOD day and having to choose whether to leave it behind or not, I found a reputable welder to put me together a tow bar...