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  1. detmatt

    Lftovrs 77 NYB visited today

    My ‘67 Imps have the auto brake release but the pin in the steering column that operates it in my silver car sheared off so I need to fix it next time I have the column out. Pretty flat around here though so it never gets used unless by accident in which case there’s an unmarked manual release...
  2. detmatt

    Bucket seat question....

    Find yourself some ‘67 Imp buckets.:thumbsup:
  3. detmatt

    69fury side molding
  4. detmatt

    1966 Imperial Transmission Mount

    1 new and 1 used.
  5. detmatt

    1966 Imperial Transmission Mount

    I have 2 available for ‘66 Imp.
  6. detmatt

    WANTED What is this part called? I need one for my 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

    Not sure if it’s the same but I have one from a ‘67 Imp available.
  7. detmatt

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    I don’t have non ethanol that is conveniently available to me and honestly I don’t have issues at all with the 10% stuff since I started running the TC-W3 oil.
  8. detmatt

    For Sale Parting 70 NEW YORKER

    Isn't the glass actually shorter because of its steeper angle?
  9. detmatt

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    Makes perfect sense. I don’t have any 2 cycle engines so I wasn’t going to comment on something that falls outside my experience.
  10. detmatt

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    No I’m saying that running 2 cycle oil in 10% ethanol pump gas is keeping my carbs from gumming up. I believe it’s also keeping the ethanol from attacking my rubber fuel lines and also helping to prevent the moisture that goes hand in hand with ethanol from rusting the my steel tank and lines.
  11. detmatt

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    If you’re into measuring it would be 1 oz per 5 gallons but I just do a few glugs in every tank. No other adjustments are necessary and I’ve never seen it translate to smoke from the tailpipes.
  12. detmatt

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    I agree, ditch the lead but I do use marine 2 cycle with every fill up and since doing so tens of thousands of miles ago I stopped having to open my carbs annually to clean out any gelatinous goo. I also use it in place of Stabil for winter storage and never have any fuel related issues since I...
  13. detmatt

    WANTED WANTED 1969-1973 power seat switch and wiring harness in good working order.

    I have one of these along with the wiring but I also have a power seat base and I would like it to go as a package.
  14. detmatt

    Sourcing '68 Imperial Brake Parts

    I actually had a leaker from them the first time I pulled it out of winter storage after installing them. I wasn’t pleased but they took care of it and apologized for the inconvenience. Mind you they are in the Detroit area so I never had to deal with shipping.
  15. detmatt

    Is it possible to add abs to an Imperial?

    This is what I bought on @marko ’s recommendation. 62 63 64 65 66 DODGE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DUAL CONVERSION MASTER CYLINDER | eBay
  16. detmatt

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler imperial $17,000

    Definitely not original tires…
  17. detmatt

    Where to find bushings for a 1964 Imperial

    I’ve bought front sway bar bushings for my ‘64 from Murray Park and actually just bought upper control arm bushings for one of my ‘67s last week.
  18. detmatt

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler imperial Gold and black$5,500

    He’s not trying hard enough…
  19. detmatt

    TX9 72 Monaco coming home this weekend

    Nice score pal!:thumbsup: