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    1971 and up? Chrysler New Yorker Steering Wheel Center

    An excellent 71+ Chrysler New Yorker 3 spoke steering wheel center horn cap. Woodgrain real nice as well as the center shield ornament. No cracks or gouges. All 3 mounting pegs on back good. 30.00 plus 8.95 shipping.
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    1969-1970 Chrysler New Yorker Steering Wheel Horn Pad

    Super nice new Yorker horn pad. Vinyl nice and soft with no damage. Gold surround nice and no cracks or scratches on button. Rear mounting tabs good. pretty sure correct for 70 and thinking 69 also? $30.00 plus 8.95 shipping.
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    For Sale 1970-1971 Plymouth Fury Formal Top Moldings

    An excellent set of rear glass moldings for 70-71 fury formal top cars. Not one ding, scratch, crease, or pencil point mark on these moldings. No hard sealant to remove on backside either. Most all the clips were rusty so it practically lifted right off the rear window without using tools. Not a...
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    SOLD 1972 and up c-body road wheel center caps

    A very nice used set of 1972 and up chrysler c-body road wheel center caps. The chrome is still very nice and shiny. No cracks or dents. All 20 mounting stud threads good, using the original 5/16 type self tapping screw as shown in pic. Some pitting is starting in the lug holes. 160.00 for set...
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    WANTED 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury Door Panels

    Recently purchased a nice original running driving 1970 sport fury 2 dr. But it has incorrect door panels in it. Looking for nice usable any color front door panels, one or both. Can pay with Paypal or send a money order. Mike
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    Welcome mike Kliss to FCBO!

    Bought my first C-body after being a 40 year b-body guy. price is right ans it drives like a dream. Bucket seat console car sold me. Location: mackinaw, IL.