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  1. Richard Reau

    KNOCKING from the rear of the 67 Newport

    Hello fellas (and fell-ettes), I've got some knocking in the rear of the "67 Newport. I got 'er up on the lift, and cinched down the rear shocks, and that helped. Funny, the shocks would not move at all by hand, but I tightened them down and that made a bit of difference. STILL, I got...
  2. Richard Reau

    QUIET mufflers??

    Hello gents, I am getting the mighty New Yorker dialed in since I bought it in August. CBARGE has been a tremendous help along the way, and you other guys have been very helpful as well, I appreciate all the interest. The car is running well, and I'm working the bugs out slowly but surely...
  3. Richard Reau

    Should I buy this 67 New Yorker?

    Howdy fellas and fell-ettes. Once again, ANOTHER car has come into my radar, and I can't decide if I should buy the car and get into another re-commissioning, or just pass on it. It's a 67 New Yorker, ONE OWNER NO SHIT, 4-door hardtop. The owner passed away 2 months ago at 96 rest his...
  4. Richard Reau

    Pertronix nightmare

    Hello fellas and fell-ettes, I am writing to inform you of a Pertronix issue that has baffled me for nearly 2 weeks, until I finally figured it out today. Mind you, I like the Pertronix kits, and the kits in my Riviera and Newport work flawlessly. I plan to use the kits on my cars in...
  5. Richard Reau

    Source for suspension parts

    Hello fellas and fell-ettes, I need suspension parts for my 65 New Yorker, namely ball joints and control arm bushings. Can anyone refer me to some place that sells this stuff? Many thanks as always for your help. Rich in Tampa
  6. Richard Reau

    Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

    Howdy gents, I have converted my '67 Newport dash lights to LED, as well as my '63 Riviera. The Newport was a lot more difficult than the Riviera (had to drop the steering column in the Newport, etc) , but in both cases the swap was worth it. Now I'm thinking about changing the dash...
  7. Richard Reau

    Washer motor problem

    Hello again folks, I'm trying to restore the windshield washer on the '65 NYer. I bought a pump from Classic Industries, but it sounded loud and simply would not pump enough water to hit the windshield. They were nice enough to send me another unit free of charge, but unfortunately it's...
  8. Richard Reau

    Windlace, where to by?

    Does anyone know of a source for windlace? I'm not finding anything that really matches the original stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Rich in Tampa
  9. Richard Reau

    Mystery: Exhaust fumes pretty bad

    Hello again, As I finally got my '65 New Yorker 6-window Town Sedan back on the road last week, a curious thing happened. All was fine for the first 100 miles of city and highway driving, working the bugs out. Then I noticed the exhaust tips on both sides terminated underneath the...
  10. Richard Reau

    Source for rubber trunk seal?

    Hello again fellas and fell-ettes, Does anyone know of a company or website that sells rubber door and trunk seals for the C-bodies? OR, is there a universal profile that can be used on the trunk of my '65 New Yorker? Thanks as always.
  11. Richard Reau

    Rear Seat Belts '65 NYer

    Does anyone know how the rear seat belts attached to the loops in the floor under the back seat?
  12. Richard Reau

    Running too hot, or not?

    Hi fella and fell-ettes, My 65 New Yorker is on the road, and seems to to be running pretty well. There is some random pinging, so I got some 93 octane non-ethanol gas in it, and added some octane booster. Still have random pinging. SO, I bought one of those laser thermometer...
  13. Richard Reau

    Did Elwood Engel design these cars too??

    I had a bit of a revelation the other night, when I realized the similarities between the '64-'66 T-birds, and the '65 New Yorkers. Obviously since Elwood Engel was with Ford up until 1963?, and given that new car models take a few years to get from the drawing board to production, is it...
  14. Richard Reau

    Parts are available!

    Hello gents. I am working on my new New Yorker, 1965 flavor. Things are going along great as I work on the brakes, then on to the engine bay. QUESTION: How is it possible that I can walk in to an Auto Zone/Reilly's/Advance/NAPA and ask for wheel cylinders/brake hardware/ hoses/water pump...
  15. Richard Reau

    AC Compressor bracket? Got one?

    Hello Gents. I am getting ready to install an aftermarket Air Conditioning system in my 67 Newport Custom, 383. My understanding is that I will need to provide a bracket for mounting the compressor. I think the kit comes with a Sanden compressor. there and easy solution to this...
  16. Richard Reau

    Nice NYer on FB...Engine?

    Here's a nice New Yorker for sale in Ohio, posted on FB. The the owner thought the engine was a 318, and I told him more likely a 413, or possibly a 440. Is there an engine code in the VIN?
  17. Richard Reau

    New Lift! Gear oil?

    Hello Gents, I just got a 4-post lift in my "compound" and so far it is awesome. I bought it gently-used off FB Marketplace for $1800, and did the install myself with the help of my lovely wife. Now that I'm under the car, I'm cleaning underneath, marveling at how clean the car is for an...
  18. Richard Reau

    NOT MINE '66 Newport FS, I'd love to see the comments!!

    Here's a 66 Newport that just came up for sale in Tampa. I'd be interested to hear the comments.
  19. Richard Reau

    Vinyl Top Material supplier?

    Hello gents, I'm researching suppliers for a new vinyl top for my '67 Newport Custom. I found Legendary Auto Interiors, they sell it, $414. I also found, who also has a pre-made top $282. SMS is not on my list of vendors, but if anyone knows of another supplier let me know...
  20. Richard Reau

    Exhaust manifold gasket leaking

    Hello gents, My exhaust manifold is leaking on the driver side. I can hear it tick on startup, and I've used the old rubber hose stethoscope to isolate the spot. When it warms up, the ticking stops, but I'm thinking that I smell exhaust fumes in the cabin. So what is the method of...