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    1965 brake booster drum brakes core

    Just installed a new one. Im gonna sell this one, needs a rebuild. Looking for a fair price before o put it on eBay. Not sure of the type, may be midland ross? Drum brakes
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    Radiator ID odd mounts

    Can anyone id this radiator? # 2235127. Ab. Came out of my 65 new Yorker wagon, however they made it fit
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    For Sale 1966 440 HP short block

    Yes, they made HP blocks in 66. They were in Chrysler 300 And polara? 500 i think? Whst you see is what you get, needs rebuild obviously. Doesn't seem to be any cracks. In Big Lake Mn at my father's, so questions will take a b
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    1965 413 thermostat blew up

    My New Yorker temp started to creep up yesterday. I let it cool down 1/2 hour , and when i started it, it wouldn't go down. Tore it apart and found this? What happened? I had posted about this thermostat a year ago, and was told " keep it, best thermostat you'll ever have" What happened?
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    1965 New Yorker 413 oil pan

    Apparently, I have the wrong oil pan on my car, the idler is hitting it apparently, I need part # 2268459 but these have no markings, any way to identify them? Thanks
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    1965 New Yorker Wagon front water leak

    Raining pretty good here, waters dripping on both sides, on the left, near the emergency brake. Where's the common areas?
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    Why pay to go to a car show?

    I've seen a few flyers for small car shows, and quite a few last year. 20-30 bucks for your car to be in it, why? I don't see any cash prizes for most, trophy's at most The one's I go to are free for the car, What am I missing? People like those trophy's? Some of those entrance fees are high
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    Building a shop/garage options

    Looking to build a 4 car garage/polebarn. 2 wide, 2 deep, not finished inside, pretty much bare bones What are some cost effective options? I'm getting quotes 30-35000. I know lumbers high, is that reasonable? Any cheaper kits?
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    Transport company

    What broker/companies have you used to transfer a non-running car? Gotta go from GA to MN, thanks!
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    Plastic on 77 440 block??

    Just pulled this 77 440 out of a RV. On the pass rear of the block, I noticed a coating that was cracking. I pulled on it, and it snapped. It's brittle but hard. I first thought JB weld fixing a soft plug, but there is no plug undernieth it, and no cracks noticed yet What the heck is it? It's...
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    1965 New Yorker girl perculation

    65 413 w a newer edelbrock performer. Just parked after a 20 minute drive, flooded, had to floor to start, never did that before Came home, removed air cleaner, and could hear it boiling What's the biggest/best spacer I can get under there? I'm willing to go to a skinny air cleaner
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    1965 413 low fuel in fuel filter

    1965 new yorker 413. I swapped last year's metal ff for a clear on. I barely can see fuel coming in, and filter is 1/4 full. New sending unit last year, and when disconnected, fuel flows well by gravity. Fuel pressure a hair under 7 Is this normal? Seems to run good, first clear I've used. Thanks
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    Tax ramifications of selling a car

    I assume you have to claim something on your taxes when you sell a car for a larger amount? Assuming cash is not an option Do you just deduct the reciepts? Do you have to claim it? I've read that banks report anything over 10000. Any tips? TIA
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    "Refreshing" a battery

    I've got a possibly sulfated battery, waters good I've watched alot of vids, from using 200 amps to using special chargers to refresh the battery What's the best tool/method? Thanks
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    Selling overseas question/VIN

    Got a guy who's in Poland interested in my 67 Charger in Poland, he's quested my vin I do have a bonded title, do I have any worries sending to him?
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    Movie cars?

    I'm working with a local guy to place my cars in tv, movies etc I'd like to get on the national scale, anyone done this? Got an agent? I know there is websites, but not sure the best way to do it
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    Mopar junkyard closing

    Mo-Par City Is Closing Its Doors After 50 Years Anyone know about this? Wonder how much he's asking?
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    1965 New Yorker wagon gas tank removal

    Gonna be fixing a leak soon, I thought I read you have to drop the rear axle on these, is that true? I hope not
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    1979 Chrysler wagon latest addition!

    Latest addition I can afford... 1979 Chrysler Town and country lebanon wagon! I even let the kids play with it!
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    Any pocket watch guys on here? Old train watch

    Found in a thrift store find, looks like it was painted red at some point, cant seem to find any info online, don't know if it's silver