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  1. Polara_500

    For Sale Fuel Sending unit(s)

    I have two fuel sending units, new reproductions, both sold to me by different vendors that said they would fit a 65 Polara. They don't! I don't know what they fit but they do look like Mopar units, take a look at the pictures and make your best guess if they'll work for you or not. I think...
  2. Polara_500

    SOLD 65 (66?) Fury Heat/AC control unit

    I have a nice looking heat and a/c control that according to my book will fit 65 Fury, 66 I only know the cars are similar but don't have a parts book, so...... The faceplate is clear with minute scratches, the pushbuttons are all nice and seem to operate well as does the fan switch - but...
  3. Polara_500

    Nick's Garage type site for valve covers?

    Trying to identify some stuff, Nick's garage is great for air cleaners and jack hooks - is there a similar site for valve covers?
  4. Polara_500

    For Sale 1965 Polara Dash Pad

    I have a tan colored dash pad in decent shape from a 65 Polara, will also fit Custom 880 and Monaco and I think also 1966. There are a couple small tears on one end that I tried to show in the photos. It's been sitting packed up for the last 9 months and the buyer has disappeared, that being...
  5. Polara_500

    Broadcast sheet vs fender tag

    Just thought I'd throw this out for fun, these represent a 65 Monaco that will never see the road again, (at least by itself). Maybe if anyone else has some to add?
  6. Polara_500

    For Sale More Jack Hooks...

    I may as well jump on the bandwagon too..... The only one currently identified is for a 1963 Chrysler New Yorker, Newport, 300 and Dodge 880 according to Nick's page. Seems like $25 plus postage is the going rate....
  7. Polara_500

    Auto temp testers

    NOT MINE!! Seen on FB, these may be available.
  8. Polara_500

    Spotted in the wild

    Out and about the other day and what do I spy with my little eye? I even put my glasses on to make sure I saw it better.
  9. Polara_500

    What car was originally equipped with these wheels?

    This is the only pic I can find at the moment from when I was experimenting with new looks, who can remember the origins of these wheels?
  10. Polara_500

    For you long roof fans - a red headed step child.

    Not Mine!! An upcoming auction near here. Not Mine!! Jimmie(JC)CoauetteEstate,ShirleyCoauetteOwner,EndsMay21st6pm | McMullen Auctioneers A little rough round the edges but overall looks pretty decent.
  11. Polara_500

    For Sale 72 Polara trailer hitch

    Removed from a 72 Polara, not sure what else it may/may not fit. The outer arm attaches to the outside of the rear bumper, (IIRC used the mounting bolts), so it's never been a pretty hitch and now that the chrome plating is peeling....... well, draw your own conclusions. The car in question...
  12. Polara_500

    65 Speedometer calculations

    Okay, so this is actually true for most of the 62-65 mopars and maybe some earlier ones also, I have no idea about pre-history... But, since C-bodies only came into existence in 1965 and the transmissions changed drastically in 1966, this data only truly pertains to one year of cars.. :poke...
  13. Polara_500

    A silly question.

    Comparing a cast iron flywheel to a billet one. Does it make any significant difference that the billet wheel is thinner than the cast one? I'm talking in the neighborhood of 1.275" thick vs 0.975". I'm kinda thinking no major issues with that, but I really don't have any experience with the...
  14. Polara_500

    Can you identify it?

    Aftermarket or OEM from some manufacturer?
  15. Polara_500

    For Sale Not mine : Parts Cars

    A few more cars, still all mostly complete, he's not motivated to let any 440's go, but it is possible; he does want to get the cars themselves gone and preferably not to demo derby guys. There's a couple 75 Imperials; a 77 Newport; a 76? Newport and more... This is the guy that doesn't do the...
  16. Polara_500

    For Sale Not Mine : Convertible Package Deal

    A friend is looking to clear out some stuff and is fairly motivated. Wants to do a package deal, 3 convertibles - 64 Dart (6 cyl, bolt action 3 speed); 66 Fury III (318 auto) (this one comes with a bunch of extra parts including fenders etc); 69 Newport (383 auto). All are rough, I'm not...
  17. Polara_500

    For Sale Not Mine : 66 Newport w/65K miles

    Over to a friends place today and he's ready to move some stuff. His Grandpa's car, a 66 Newport with 65K miles. $2500 and comes with a trunk full of miscellaneous extras. I thought I got some photos, but no real good ones, forgot under the hood and fender tag. (Hey, I wasn't looking to buy...
  18. Polara_500

    For Sale Not Mine - 61 Plymouth

    There's been a lot of noise about these lately so I had to share - even though Mel is one strange duck that really likes his green. ($) Off Facebook
  19. Polara_500

    For Sale 68? Dual Snorkel air cleaner

    I have a dual snorkel air cleaner for sale, the base I have for it is the smaller 4-1/8" version for early AFB or most 2 bbls. Overall in fair to good condition but could use sandblasting and painting to make it pretty. $250.00 plus postage, and I haven't built the shipping box yet so I can't...
  20. Polara_500

    Bring me up to date please.

    I haven't put together an engine for a long while, so with that said... what would be a fair price for a 383 - basic prep (tank, mag, etc) followed up by line honing, boring +.030, and decking for square?? Just kind of a ball park number would be great although a breakdown of current pricing...