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  1. glennb49

    Road Trip wilth Lebaron 1973 Up to Mn. to See Doc McNeedy"s 72-73 Imps

    Dennis Giese and I had a great two days with John, LeBaron 1973, here from New Zealand. Dennis and I motored up to Waupaca in Dennis's 75 Imp, met up with John and proceeded up to the twin cities in John's rental Ford Edge. Met Doc McNeedy and he gave us the grand tour of six of eight of his...
  2. glennb49

    winged cars at Elkart Lake Road America

    Took my 63 Sport Fury convert to see the Winged cars , Fords and Mercs national meet at Road America Saturday to get my mind off selling my 72 Town and Country. It worked! there were about 40 Supper Birds, Daytonas and two Charger 500s along with about 40 Fords and Mercs! I made a video of them...
  3. glennb49

    SOLD 72 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon

    Its time to let my 72 Town and Country go and hope one of you guys who appreciate these cars can give it a new home! Its got the rare vinyl roof that was offered one year only, in good original condition, 400 4barrel was rebuilt about 18K ago. Odometer shows 37K! New rear tires and dual exhaust...
  4. glennb49

    Create a new vintiage Chrysler dealership

    This is a new implement dealer just north of Beaver Dam Wi. on 151 with my 79 300 in front. It would make a great Chrysler dealer from the 60s. I don't know how to use photo shop. Lets see what you guys can create. Post your results here. Should be fun!
  5. glennb49

    300 leter series club national meet, Elkhart Lake Wi.

    Here are some pictures of the 300 letter series clubs national meet at Elkhart Lake Wi. Taken saterday 24 September. Member Pete Kaczmarski and I took our cars mine a 79 300 with Ttops and Petes 62 300 special convertible with 413 and 3 speed on floor and parked on the street. We received many...
  6. glennb49


    Have owed 15 years. Traded 79 New Yorker 5TH even up from Glenn from Ill. who is also belongs to C Bodies. 400 with rare one year only vinyl top option! Use to pull my 18 foot camper up north twice a year despite about 8 MPG!! Always have the oldest tow vehicle in the camp grounds, gets lots of...
  7. glennb49

    74-75 Imp rear bumper reflectors are they the same as 76-78 New Yorker ?

    Hi all. Will the rear bumper reflectors from a 76-78 New Yorker interchange with ones from a 74-75 Imp? How do you get to the nuts on the back through the bumper reinforcment? Thanks Glenn.PS Got my 81 Frank with sun roof finally in primer this last Sunday!