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  1. my5thmopar

    SOLD 440 pulley setup or bad engine

    Please read specific request. I want the complete set of brackets and pulleys that will fit a cast crank 1976 externally balanced 440 with AC and PS. What I don't want is a put together set from, " I got them all and they will work together." I'll take the entire front of the engine, every nut...
  2. my5thmopar

    Pulley setup

    Anyone suggest a lower cost setup other than CVF/March. I want to add AC to my stock 440 but, I think I have a miss match of pulleys. Do they make an adapter bracket for the 2 groove Sanden? Really, I’m trying to figure out to get the correct pulley setup.
  3. my5thmopar

    SOLD Road Wheel Caps

    Late center caps. The worst one shown but you can’t see it when using chrome lug nut. $200 plus shipping from 38401.
  4. my5thmopar

    For Sale LH Remote Mirror

    68 Newport. Nice condition. See minor bubbling. $100 plus shipping from 38401
  5. my5thmopar

    For Sale Rear Ashtrays

    Will clean up nicely. $30 plus shipping from 38401
  6. my5thmopar

    For Sale Wiper arms and trim

    Chrome ok not great. Trico arms. $40 plus shipping. 38401
  7. my5thmopar

    For Sale Hood Latch

    68 Newport. $30 plus shipping. From 38401
  8. my5thmopar

    SOLD Fender Skirts

    Cleaning out all my cbody stuff. 68 Newport. $100 plus shipping from 38401
  9. my5thmopar

    Help identify a fender skirt

    I got these when I bought a differential and several parts from a cbody. It was a 68 Newport or New Yorker. Can anyone ID for me.
  10. my5thmopar

    Welcome my5thmopar to FCBO!

    Abody and truck guy. Location: TN