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  1. Wildaugust

    Question About D32 vs D34 on Fender Tags.

    I've been wondering for a while about the trans codes on the fender tags, so I thought I'd ask the experts. I see quite a few C-Body tags showing D32, which is the code for the "Heavy Duty" 727, if I'm not mistaken. I also see tags with the D34 code, which is the code for "Standard Duty". It...
  2. Wildaugust

    Is This Enough Fuel?

    I'm just trying to sort some poor running/performance issues. My engine starts and runs, but not really running great. I did a fuel volume test. My engine is a 383 with a mechanical fuel pump and 5/16" fuel line. This is the amount of fuel pumped while idling for 20 seconds. I think this is...
  3. Wildaugust

    For Sale Not Mine - '68 Fury

    Brandon, Manitoba classifieds -2 door HT -318 Auto -$1200 I thought I'd post this just in case someone may want to save it or need it as a parts car. I looked through a few pages here and didn't see it already posted so, here it goes; Mopar Plymouth Fury, eBrandon Classifieds Sorry if someone...
  4. Wildaugust

    The Grill is definitely Fury

    Grill is obviously Fury inspired. The rest maybe Falcon XB GT I like it. Best part is they didn`t cut up a C-body.
  5. Wildaugust

    '71 Newport Side Marker Lights

    If I'm reading the FSM correctly, in order to replace a bulb, you just remove the two screws and the lens comes off? I took out the two screws and then just spent well over an hour trying to remove the lens from the front passenger side. I still haven't been able to get to budge. It seems like...
  6. Wildaugust

    Some Car Show Pics From Tonight

    Here's a few pics from tonight's car show. First "Formal" I've seen around here in years.
  7. Wildaugust

    Dented Headers...Interesting

    Not what I (or they apparently) were expecting. :wideyed: Sorry if this has already been posted/discussed. If not, I thought it would be of interest. Now I wonder how a comparison of "Mandrel Bent" pipes to "Compression Bent" pipes would turn out. It would also be interesting, IMO. :)
  8. Wildaugust

    For Once They Didn't Do It To A C-Body

    While I'm glad that they didn't use a C-Body for their experiment, I am kind of torn because I do like these B-body Roadrunners and Satellites. This thing is cool though and probably would be a lot of fun. I hope I'm not reposting it.
  9. Wildaugust

    My Project; 1971 Newport Custom

    Welcome To Well, I've been on the site for quite some time now and for some reason haven't got around to starting a Project Thread. So, that is exactly what I am going to do right now. :) This is my 1971 Newport Custom. I've owned it since 1993. It's not perfect, some would say not...
  10. Wildaugust

    Dumb Question About Selling On eBay...

    This may be a dumb question, but having never sold or even listed anything on their site, I thought I'd ask some of you guys who have sold stuff there. How do they pay? For example, if I list a part for sale and it sells for $100, does eBay mail me a cheque? Do they credit my eBay account for...
  11. Wildaugust

    An Interesting Era For Sure To be able to buy NASCAR Speedway machines for the street. :) I was expecting to see at least a 140 MPH speedometer in the Cobra, but then it was just a prototype. Never made it to production. Got me wondering if GM was...
  12. Wildaugust

    Smoke Haze, Blue Hills & "The Other One"

    Sometimes I just like jumpin' in the car and goin' for a drive in the country, out in the middle of nowhere. It's kinda like therapy. The windows down, the fresh air, the sounds, the scenery, the almost non-existent traffic. One advantage to having not put a nice paint job on your car is that...
  13. Wildaugust

    Internal Combustion Engine Of The Future?

    I can remember when they were telling us the Wankel Rotary Engine would be the engine of the future. That never materialized. So, is this the engine of the future? Who knows??? :shruggy: It's an interesting design anyway.
  14. Wildaugust

    The Second Cruise Night Of 2015 - Downtown Brandon

    I snapped a few photos at Thursday night's second cruise night of 2015. A few Mopars and a few non-Mopars. I only saw two C-bodies. Both were slab Dodges. Both have console shift autos. I didn't take pics of the orange one with the black scoops because I posted pics of it last year. The...
  15. Wildaugust

    Park Lights "On" With Headlights

    There was a thread on here not too long ago where some of us were discussing the way the Park Lights on pre-'69 cars and trucks were wired. The fact that the Park lights turn "off" when the Headlight switch is pulled all of the way out to the Headlights "on" position, was mentioned. This got me...
  16. Wildaugust

    For Sale Chrysler 300 Convertible - Not All Original

    So does this mean that C-Bodies have now officially become cool? :laughing7: I don't believe that this one has been posted here yet. I didn't see it on here before anyway. Not exactly my taste, but I do like it. I personally wouldn't build it or buy it, but I would drive it.
  17. Wildaugust

    440 Powered Honda Civic & Things To Do During Winter...

    It's only seven more weeks 'til Spring here...hopefully, but http://youtube;ee3jdWsboeM] http://youtube;zUHzSsQTqGk]
  18. Wildaugust

    Transmission Question

    I'm wondering if anyone has used Lucas "Transmission Fix", this stuff, in a late model electronic controlled transmission? If so, what was the result? I have used it in older transmissions like 727's and FMX's and it did help, but I'm particularly wondering about using it in transmissions...
  19. Wildaugust

    Reproduction Wishlist

    When we're working on our C-Bodies we quite often find that we need some hard, if not impossible, to find part or parts. Very few parts are being reproduced, so there's almost no chance of ordering a new part from a catalog. If we can even find an NOS part it will usually be very expensive. Used...
  20. Wildaugust

    Diecast Imp...

    I just spotted this. I thought some here might find it interesting. If it's already been posted then disregard. :)