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  1. MacLebaron

    More to come!

    Hello everyone, Been a while since I have posted any updates on my car. Fortunately, I have some new info to share. Picture below with more details to follow soon.
  2. MacLebaron

    WANTED 1969 Imperial Wheel Cover

    I am looking for a couple of good 69 Imperial wheel covers (complete). I believe the same wheel covers were used for 2-3 years, but the width and valve stem hole placements changed. I have included a picture below for the style I am searching for. Please DM me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  3. MacLebaron

    WANTED 1969 Imperial Vinyl Top Medallions

    Hi, I have a 69 Imperial 4-door hardtop and I am looking for new chrome medallions that go on the vinyl top behind each back door window. Does anybody have 2 new ones? If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Brandon
  4. MacLebaron

    Right Stuff Detailing Opinions

    I wanted to see if anyone on the forum has dealt with The Right Stuff Detailing? I am needing to replace the brake lines on my 1969 Imperial. I would like to find a source that can supply pre-bent lines so I can just replace the old ones and not have to bend new ones. Some of the reviews I have...
  5. MacLebaron

    1969 Imperial Progress Videos

    Well, since it has been a while since I have posted any updates I thought I would share a couple of videos I have put together for the progress I have made on my 69 Imperial. I hope you enjoy them and I plan on adding more as I make more progress. YouTube Links: 1) 2)
  6. MacLebaron

    Bilstein Shock Question

    I was poking around earlier on the (Performance Suspension Technology) website and I noticed they have a listing for shocks that supposedly fit a 1969 Imperial. Here is the link: Bilstein High Performance Shock Set - Front & Rear Has anyone used or bought these? I checked the Bilstein...
  7. MacLebaron

    69 Imperial Fender Mount Turn Signal Question

    I have another question for the experts on the forum here. I have a 1969 Imperial that has the front fender mounted turn signals. I need to know how they operate? I know it sounds like a stupid question! Do they turn on and stay solid (no blinking) as long as the blinker is active, or should...
  8. MacLebaron

    Coming Back To Life!

    I have some good news to share with everyone. I finally had a chance to get my Imperial started and running for a while today. I still have a lot of work to do but each item I do gets me that much closer. I was so excited when I got her going I almost had to go change my pants. Seriously, I was...
  9. MacLebaron

    Just An Idea.....

    I just had a thought for this weekend. Let's try to work on our c-bodies and for those of us that do not have them road ready yet, let's use this time to work toward our goal. Hopefully, with a little luck we can get a few steps closer to meeting our objectives and getting closer to having them...
  10. MacLebaron

    A Few More Steps.....

    Well, I have a few more photos to share on my slow going progress. I worked on cleaning more small items and checking the condition of the trunk. I have included pictures and descriptions to share my surprise. First, I worked on some of the door interiors. I thought the switches were rusted...
  11. MacLebaron

    Cleaning Products

    I wanted to let everyone know (for the people that have not used them before) about some cleaning products I have recently used. First, I want to clarify I do not have any connection or do I benefit anyway for mentioning any of the products. I just like to pass on info if it may help someone...
  12. MacLebaron

    Welcome MacLebaron to FCBO!

    I am hoping to find some treatment options for my addiction to C Bodies. Location: Maryville, Tennessee