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  1. xxcarguy

    78-79 360 swap

    Is swapping a 78-79 360 into my 318 Fury III pretty straight forward? Would my original 904 fit and work? Any ideas?
  2. xxcarguy

    WANTED Magnum 500 lug nuts

    Left and right Good used.
  3. xxcarguy

    Saturday morning at 5:45 am

    Here is my Fury III showing the SS Chevelle the ropes at our annual Rotary Car Show in beautiful down town Broken Arrow. Had 200 cars. My wife is chair and puts in a ton of work. Couldn’t do it without all the volunteers.
  4. xxcarguy

    My lucky day!

    Went to lunch today at a place about 20 miles from the house. Perfect day to get out the Fury. Drove like a dream up, drove perfect on the way home… The power steering hose split. The last turn into the driveway it blew. Cooled it off wrapped a rag around the hole and drove it into the garage...
  5. xxcarguy

    I just bought this!

    Not a C body or even a Mopar but I couldn’t resist! From original owner 1968 SS396 Chevelle Console 4 speed 57141 original miles It is rust free and gorgeous.
  6. xxcarguy

    Not mine but I would like to have it.1968 Fury Fasttop

    Anyone know anything about this car? It’s in Florida now but has Carolina plates. Is someone close to Tampa? Would like to have this car.
  7. xxcarguy

    Look at this Dodge Polara

    Static display. In Branson MO.
  8. xxcarguy

    1968 headlight bezel

    I bought a replacement headlight bezel for my Fury that was in great shape. So I thought I would try to straighten the old one. So after pounding with a wooden dowel and then filing it smooth. Sanded it down with 240-400-600-700-1000-1200-1500-2000 then hand polished. This is what I have now...
  9. xxcarguy

    Fan switch on 68 Fury

    Before I just tear into this. The fan does not come on with heat but will come on with the A/C. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. xxcarguy

    WANTED Part number

    I need the part number for a 1968 Fury III right rear wheel lip molding. Appreciate it.
  11. xxcarguy

    Automatic temperature control

    Has anyone ever seen one of these? Up close and personal?
  12. xxcarguy

    Sub frame 68 Fury

    I just had a question. Is the sub frame like the k frame in a b body, they unbolt and you drop them down, motor, trans full suspension. Clean it up rebuild and put it in all in one might shot? Thanks
  13. xxcarguy

    WANTED Blue 68 Fury III console

    Would like to find a blue console in great shape for my 68 Fury. Thanks
  14. xxcarguy

    Rear speaker grill surround

    How many years of these interchange? Thanks for the info.
  15. xxcarguy

    Wanted 4 door used seat covers in blue

    I would like to buy a set of blue seat covers from a 4 door 68 fury III with a bench seat. Does anyone have a set that have been removed and not needed? With this pattern.
  16. xxcarguy

    1968 Fury 318 to 360 swap

    Just a question about how close will the 360 match up to my LA 318? Will the 360 casting have all the same A/C mounting holes? Will the torque converter also work or will on need a new B&M flex plate or replace the converter also? The small details are what seems to stop this kinda swap. Is it...
  17. xxcarguy

    Rear leaf spring shackles

    So does anybody know if they made rear leaf spring shackles in a longer length?
  18. xxcarguy

    How to make some torque with a 68 318

    Any ideas I would like a big block but don’t have it in me to do a conversion. How can I make the 318 have a little more torque? Thanks
  19. xxcarguy

    Love this scene

    Beverly Hills Cop
  20. xxcarguy

    For Sale 1968 Fury front bumper

    No rust Center a little bent Great to pound out and rechrome. Anyone that needs it... come get it. Tulsa Ok Front