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    For Sale 70 Newport Custom for sale $9200

    How mild is the cam? Specs? Head specs? Just curious, CBODY67
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    For Sale Nice '75 New Yorker...not mine

    Like the exterior color. Don't remember many in that color, 2dr or 4dr.
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    SOLD 1970 Dodge Monaco

    I was curious about the medallion as all 4 of my trim panels look like your other three. Possibly something the prior owner added? Thanks, CBODY67
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    SOLD 1970 Dodge Monaco

    Cornering lights come on just before the turn signal switch "locks in" upon application. On my DH43N0D, I learned that I could move the lever just a bit before it engages and the cornering light would activate without the turn signal working. Pretty neat, I thought! There is only one Monaco...
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    SOLD 1970 Dodge Monaco

    Vinyl roof probably was eaten by "the weather", I suspect. An AutoTemp car? AM radio w/rear speaker? Definitely "a save" car! Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    SOLD 1971 Imperial LeBaron

    Looks like it was added. Easy to get to, though, which can be a BIG consideration, fwiw. Some years of fuselage Imperials had their antenna in the windshield, just like all GM cars did back then.
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    For Sale Mopar A/C Shutoff Switch Dashboard Decal

    The constant-running a/c compressor started in the 1972 model year and continued into the 1973 model year, from what I discovered with our '72 Newport. I remember seeing a similar sticker/label on the TX DPS Plymouth Fury III cars back then, plus the added switch. My initial thought was that...
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    SOLD 1979 Medallion --- Mine

    Nice car, especially with the W23s on it. Same color as my '80 Newport.
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    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan - $7,000 - Valparaiso, Ind.

    I believe that all '65 NYs had the rear clear tail/stop light lenses, which required a "filter package w/gasket" over the clear bulbs, to turn the light emitted "red" . A one year "feature" of 1965 New Yorkers. It was the front headlight covers that had issues with condensate collection and...
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    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan - $7,000 - Valparaiso, Ind.

    Pretty nice 6-Window sedan. Some new paint and TLC should make it a nice car. Wonder why the air cleaner is off? Needs a good home. CBODY67
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    SOLD Not Mine 1961 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan - $7,500 - Chadron, Neb.

    Looks like a pretty nice car. Great pictures that show off the lines of the car in a great manner. Even a 4-dr. Happy New Year, CBODY67
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    For Sale Not Mine 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Sedan - $14,000 - Fresno, Calif.

    I would think a dealer would order a "Brougham" with a full vinyl top, back then. Perhaps it was ordered that way but with the possible repaint, the vinyl roof covering was removed? Paint looks too slick, to me, on the C-pillar. That GM-type (which came in a GM accessory kit) 3rd brake light...
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    SOLD Not Mine 1975 Chrysler New Yorker 4dr Hardtop - $3,000 - Elkhart, Ind.

    An opulent vinyl interior worthy of leather. It needs to find a good home that will take care of it and stop the leaks. CBODY67
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    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler 300 L 2dr Hardtop - $6,500 - Bakersfield, Calif.

    In one respect, I'd be more concerned with the paint and interior, plus all of the correct 300-L ornamentation than an updated engine situation. For ultimate value, a correct 413 would be needed, though. Unfortunately, with the car in open covered storage, rather than in a dedicated storage...
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    SOLD Not Mine 1976 Chrysler Newport Sedan - $1,000 - Washington, Texas

    A duplicate title can be applied for through TXDOT, for a small fee and appropriate paperwork. CBODY67
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    SOLD Not Mine 1960 Chrysler 300F 2dr Hardtop - $69,500 - Torrance, Calif.

    Those are some great pictures! Might make some good screensavers or similar. CBODY67
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    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler 300 2dr Hardtop - $5,800 - Logan Square, Chicago, Ill.

    The lh outside mirror is not a factory mirror, which might explain the absence of the remote control mechanism (which is a part of the mirror it runs). Upon closer inspection . . . it looks a bit rougher than I suspected. In order to make it right, it would need more work to undo some of...
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    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler 300 2dr Hardtop - $5,800 - Logan Square, Chicago, Ill.

    Possibly, in the absence of a data plate shot . . . a completely white car, originally, with a white interior. The red top was added. The upholstery is "factory pattern", but the inserts became red to match the top. Same with the door panels. Looks like a good job. The white interior would...