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    SOLD R35 AM/FM Multiplex Plymouth Radio

    Well, since we are seeing the complete 3-speaker "unit", with the divider box, just needing the speakers re-coned, with the complete wiring harness, just need to add the rear fader for the rear speakers and you're done. The instrument panel trim items is interesting, though. No disregard to...
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    For Sale 2 Door Hardtop Interiors

    "Pillared Hardtop" in Ford-speak.
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    For Sale Radio Bezel 69 Polara Monaco ? NOS

    That would probably be for a Polara. USA Monacos were woodgrained. The rear speaker fader would have had a molded-in place for it, just as the 8-Track Stereo tape radio would have an additional space below what's already there. Thanks, CBODY67
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    For Sale AM FM 8 track

    I concur about the '74-era application. One thing I noticed on my '80 Newport was that they went to "1-wire" rear speakers (as GM had used many times in the '70s), which means only one wire for each rear speaker (with the factory speakers being self-grounded, to match). Easy to work around...
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    SOLD ‘69 Imperial AM/FM 8trk

    Obviously, the '69s had the windshield antenna for marketing reasons. GM was making a big deal of it. Putting those wires in the glass was obviously shared technology. Varying the antenna sensitivity could easily be done. So Chrysler cautiously put their toe into those waters. They worked...
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    SOLD ‘69 Imperial AM/FM 8trk

    As I recall, the 1969 Imperials were the only Imperials to use the windshield radio antenna. As if to match Cadillac/GM in their new windshield radio antennas? The GM radios for vehicles that used these antennas usually had a tag on the radio, or if it was a "power antenna" radio. Possibly...
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    For Sale NOS Auto Temp under hood servo.

    "Junk price" would be the default mode. There should be a stamped part number on the item, somewhere, I suspect. Whether or not that Chrysler part number could be correlated with a Mercedes application might dictate the upper end of potential pricing. Do you still have the car for which you...
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    For Sale "RARE" Mopar Am/fm/CB Stereo - $75

    As far as the regular part of the radio goes, any normal OEM-style antenna will work, I suspect. IF you want the CB to work, THEN either a separate CB antenna or the OEM Tri-band antenna would be needed, power of not. These factory units happened to prevent the theft of the "exposed" CB...
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    For Sale Restored Seatbelts

    Factory OEM trim codes or generic? CBODY67
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    For Sale Clearing out.

    What color is the '73 Chrysler dash pad? CBODY67
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    SOLD C-body Tuff wheel steering boss

    Factory tilt columns too? CBODY67
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    SOLD 66-67 Bucket seats

    The rear ornamentation looks like my '67 Newport buckets, but missing a piece of the side trim on the lh side. Probably go with '68 Chryslers, too? So '67-'68 C-body Chrysler? Maybe '65-'66, too? The way the upholstery is done reminds me of the '68 300 vinyl covers; general configuration...
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    SOLD 1967-1968 Factory AM/FM radio

    Neat find. For the record, if you see an AM/FM CPD radio that has a round RCA plug on the back, that's one that will take the multiplex box to make it AM/FM Multiplex (Stereo). With the plug installed in the round RCA terminal, it's an AM/FM mono radio. Multiplex started with the 1968 model...
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    SOLD AM/FM radio

    Not for a Chrysler as the pushbuttons have the flat surface on top, with the indentations on the bottom. Chrysler's have the flat surface on the bottom of the button, due to the incline of the radio in the instrument panel. CBODY67
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    For Sale New OE '62-'63, '64-'69 turn signal switches

    Are there any '70 tilt column switch sources? Thanks, CBODY67
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    SOLD 71 Chrysler dash pad

    How hard are those things to change? Need one for my '72 Newport Royal. CBODY67