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    My '73 Monaco wagon

    The model year would be defined in the VIN space for model year. August usually is something, or used to be, a transition time in the industry. Where "last year's" vehicles were finished and just before (or right at) when the "next model year's" vehicles started in pilot production.
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    My '73 Monaco wagon

    In seeing the above pictures of a Monaco wagon (with woodgrain) and a Polara wagon (just side trim), I came to realize that there was no real model differentiation in the side trim, just the addition of woodgrain to the Monaco wagons. Which I find kind of interesting! In general, I do like the...
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    My '73 Monaco wagon

    On the rim blow issue, check the horn relay FIRST. If it is like my '70 Monaco Brougham, when you pull the relay from the fuse block, remove the metal cover on the relay, you'll probably find that it is totally cooked in there. Putting a new relay in CAN work, but on mine, whenever the...
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    My '73 Monaco wagon

    Two things -- Wondering how a Monaco came to have Polara side mouldings on it, rather than the Monaco's woodgrain sections? The W23 15x6 wheels were not available on station wagons, only the 15x6.5 steel wheels with wheel covers. I verified this in in the...
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    '68 Plymouth Custom Suburban questions

    Nice looking car! The t/gate strap might be illustrated in the Chrysler parts book. Free download at . Probably can be replicated by a trim shop, I suspect. Seems like the snaps on the seat belt and headliner were for a length of elastic band to keep the belt "out of the...
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    Help with wood grain replacement 73 T&C

    From Xenon's link on the 3M wrap I looked at, 3 yrs removeable, 8 yrs total.
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    Help with wood grain replacement 73 T&C

    I, too, was also thinking that the "wrap" vendors/installers might have something close to what you might need. If not, let them do a picture of yours, re-touch it for color and such, then print it off. Then all that's left is the installation. Just a thought, CBODY67
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    My 1969 Dodge Polara Wagon

    Should be a neat car when completed. A Polara with a SuperLight and no cruise. Somebody was picking and choosing what they ordered, possibly? What are your plans for the wagon? Just curiouis. Congrats! CBODY67
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    Another 72 Monaco back on the road

    Great progress! Congrats! CBODY67
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    Looking for a 1969 or 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon model.

    Looking for "promo models" or sales brochure-type pictures? For "promo models", by this point in time, even if well-kept, many of them are "warped" from the evaporation of oils in the basic plastic itself. They can still be new and boxed and still have this issue. For sales brochure...
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    Headers in Wagons

    After watching that video of Nick's a while back, I came away a bit underwhelmed. That particular engine did sound happier with the headers, but none of the combinations were optimized as to carb jetting and such. Might be good for a general test, but no data that I would desire to quote...
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    Headers in Wagons

    Seems like I recall reading, back then, that the MaxWedge manifolds would not clear the power brake booster. But that was on the '62 cars, I believe? Just because the popular Brand X small block NEEDS headers on them, does NOT mean that the Chrysler HP manifolds (i.e., 440/375 and 383/335) are...
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    Does anyone know what happened to DL46G9R213277?

    Thanks for those pictures! The inst pnl picture also shows the front lower kick panel stereo speaker installation I've highly suspected could be done, but never tried. Nice car, CBODY67
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    1966 Polara Wagon headliner

    Seems like some GM brands used the "peg board" style of headliner in some of their wagons, too? Not sure of any repro items, though. CBODY67
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    1966 Polara Wagon headliner

    Is you current headliner . . . warped, crumbling, or not present? Just curious, CBODY67
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    My 1970 Dodge Polara 9 passenger.

    Looks pretty good as is. Glad you finally got it! Looks like it's in good company in your shop. Enjoy! CBODY67
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    Squished '72 Fury wagon

    Perhaps once you get the filler off of the panel, you might determine that the metal can still be worked to make things right and use lots less filler, as a result? It might also turn out to not be quite as thick as suspected, but you'll have to remove it to make these determinations. Looks...
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    First drive in 40 years s!

    If the quotes are for "agreed value" valuation, that's what you pay premiums on and that's what they pay for a total loss, as I understand it. A friend's Dad had some sort of factory hot rod 4-speed AMX. He put a value on it for Hagerty. They called him back and suggested his value should be...
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    One From My Stable

    Nice wagon! Welcome from TX CBODY67
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    1965 new Yorker AC line wanted/Compressor question

    There was a recent thread which mentioned using a Volvo repair kit to repair the '65-68 water control valve (with instructions). There used to be a Chrysler repair kit for the RV compressors. Rings, bearings, seals . . . just like for an engine. Plus new reed valves. Considering the reports...