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    So I was at ZMAX Dragway & this happened

    I think that Camping World is also a NASCAR sponsor too?
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    So I was at ZMAX Dragway & this happened

    Was that an exhib run or did they show ETs and MPH? Just curious, CBODY67
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    Dodge Chief Donut Maker

    Where's that recipe for blueberry with cinnamon glaze doughnuts? Served in a box with "scratch and sniff" burnout box smell? Best while they are still warm, when the rubber is soft. They'll need to find somebody to scrape the rubber off of the rear quarter panels. An apprentice doughnut maker?
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    Hellcat Jailbreak

    Neat link! Thanks for posting! Looks like a lot of "One Of _____" cars for future collectors and enthusiasts. Scroll on down the page for the Cadillac InnerSpace autonomous concept vehicle. The work of a GM advance design studio with Bryan Nesbitt's name attached to it. Bryan was one of the...
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    Direct Connection

    Might that "Duster" emblem be the air entering the supercharger? Wanting to make those rear tires go up in smoke?
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    Direct Connection

    Before "Direct Connection", there was "Hustle Stuff", which was about 1965 or so. The orig DC was in about 1967 or 1968. Seems like HS was Plymouth and Dodge had something similar but with a different name? DC replaced them both. When I started going to Mopar Nats in about 1988, it was a new...
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    Direct Connection

    "DC" was "the deal" back when it was first released! The "Race Manual" was a compilation of all of the individual "Race Manual"s, which usually could be acquired only from a moving display/exposition of DC operatives and cars at various dealerships in the mid-late 1960s. Something that Chevy...
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    Dodge EV Day 2021

    IF we can keep Millenials buying cars, namely Dodges(!), the same generation which many thought would not buy cars at all, then things will work out fine. It was a very nice video! CBODY67
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    Dodge EV Day 2021

    Thanks for posting the Dodge segment of that total video! How the battery power is apportioned out and at what rates would be the function of the software running things. Enjoy! CBODY67
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    Dodge EV Day 2021

    (Creaking grid? Just don't try to charge "anything" in TX when it's 15 degrees F. What is the lowest ambient temp the batteries (vehicle and mass storage) will work at?) Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    Dodge For The Win!

    Seems to me that in this class of racing, what really matters are: tire choice, 2wd or AWD, ambient temp (remember the CAR AND DRIVER test of the Buick GN on a cold winter day in MI?), and how well the driver can drive the vehicle to get the most from it. Always not too neat for an SUV to beat...
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    FURYIOUS Christines daughter is back !

    IF he's got an internally-enhanced 200-family trans, then it can be good for 500hp and lots of torque (as in Chev 454 hot rod). Less power consumption than a THM400, too. BUT the production OEM ones DID self-destruct just drivng off of the transport trucks, back then. Not sure what the...
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    FURYIOUS Christines daughter is back !

    LS-Ventura? As in "Ventura = Chevy Nova"? Tell him that when his Ventura grows up to be a Tempest LeMans (as in Chevelle), THEN you might consider it. A Gen III Hemi Valiant/Dart is more his (car's) size. Enjoy! CBODY67
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    ProMod 2021

    Some creative artwork to graft that old Camaro grille into the new Camaro behind the cowl.
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    The Last Street Hemi

    "Summer" can be geographic location dependent. And . . . when the kids are out of school, in a normal realm of things. Which, in TX, starts in May. FWIW CBODY67
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    Indy 500 magnesium wheel fire

    Which was not the only situation which slowed the completion of the race. Looked good from what I saw, just missed the linked situation. Glad the race happened, even with the side issues involved. When Mopar Nats was near Indy for a few years in the 1990s, I always went to the Indy 500 Museum...
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    New engine for FURYIOUS

    One of our friends has a restored '69 Super Bee 440 6-Pack. Correct red line repro tires, stock wheels, TorqueFlite, and probably 4.10 SureGrip. Conventional wisdom is to advance the cam for a bit more lower-rpm torque, or at least put it in at "0". What he did was to do the opposite, put it...
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    New engine for FURYIOUS

    Everything sounds decent other than the compression ratio. Might aiming for 9.5 be better? Can the heads be optioned with a smaller chamber? Headers and under-car exhaust system? Enjoy! CBODY67
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    Engine Dyno Simulator Software

    There used to be a pretty easy to use power simulator on the Comp Cams website. Any good engine dyno program will need LOTS of information you might not have for your specific engine, which is why some tend to be more generic in this information than others. Things like cylinder head port...
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    Guess the '63 Galaxie was a "blocker car" for the smaller car? Something that was too big for the smaller cars to drive around?? But the #3 car was a '65 Studebaker, before he passed it?