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    rad fan issues 1985 dodge 600es turbo

    That system should be run by a basic coolant temp sensor for the ECM. There CAN also be a coolant temp sensor/switch that runs the instrument panel cluster TEMP gauge/light, too.When the coolant gets to a certain temp, the internal switch closes, and the ECM commands the fan to run. Might be...
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    Distributor advance spring choice

    Your mention of the SBC383 is interesting as the SBC engines and the Chry R/RB engines have pretty much the same ignition timing needs. Both at 38 degrees BTDC optimum advance. Although Nick (Nick's Garage on YouTube) usually ends up with 36 degrees BTDC on the B/RB engines he dynos. So...
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    Distributor advance spring choice

    Typically, the factory mechanical advance is spec'd for about 4200+ engine rpm. Some a bit later, usually. The 3000rpm level is usually for a bit more performance, but not as quick as the drag race engines at 2000rpm. As you can see, the weights in the Chrysler distributor are quite heavy...
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    Distributor advance spring choice

    FIRST thing to verify is that the degrees quoted are "engine degrees" or "distributor degrees". 15 distributor degrees advance would be 30 engine degrees advance, so this is important! What is the ultimate actual compression ratio of your engine? The cam is slightly smaller (when all things...
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    Instrument panel light bulb replacement (1964 Imperial)

    Might possibly check the 1964 Chrysler parts book. Usually, they have the quantity needed for each part number. But bulbs are considered "Standard Parts", in their own section, and might not have it listed in that "SP" area. As far as the service manual goes, there hopefully is an image of...
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    Instrument panel light bulb replacement (1964 Imperial)

    For more vintage eyes, an issue of "high contrast" light situations can happen. What that means is that the bright lights override the ability to see dimmer areas, adjacent, by observation. What that might mean with bright white (the higher "K" numbers) is that the instrument panel lights can...
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    Power window question

    Might double-check the wiring schematic to see if somebody might have done something to the connector, or just to verify that the wiring is correct. The motors are reversible, as is normal, but the wiring connector and mounting flange might be unique to each side of the car, possibly? Check...
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    Carburetor Electrical Connection.

    When you re-wired the alternator, did you do the ammeter bypass or something different? What was the reason for the re-wire? Just curious. That "lug", when the throttle speed screw contacts it, completes the circuit for the vac advance idle retard solenoid on the vac advance unit...
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    Just curious 69 Polara 500 vert

    Check the color codes and see where it goes in the FSM wiring schematic. Power seat is probably what it's for (whether the vehicle had iy or not). Should be "unswitched", hot all of the time, I believe, but seems like that might be variable as to model year. Power seat, power locks would be...
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    electrical rewiring

    ONE thing to consider . . . when the instrument panel assys were installed at the factory, ALL of the various components were assembled off-line, so the complete instrument panel was walked through the front of the passenger compartment, as a unit, then bolted in and all of the wiring ends...
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    At the OEM level, there are connector kits and wiring pigtails which are available for various issues and repairs. There are tools to remove individual terminals from the connector block to replace the particular terminal without replacing the entire connector block, too. Are there any "Check...
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    DWELL Question

    Mallory 26015 is one. Summit Racing and Amazon both list it, but "unavailable at this time". // . . . shows it with no note about availability. Not in the Mallory section of .
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    DWELL Question

    What you observe is completely normal. Set the point gap/dwell to spec and don't worry about it. What CAN be an issue is cam lobe wear. If the point gap is correct by the dwell is not, then the cam lobe(s) have some wear on them. Worry more about the point gap spec, though, as that has to do...
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    electrical rewiring

    Lots of great sources! Thanks for those links! CBODY67
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    electrical rewiring

    There might be a few upgrades (as the ammeter bypass that's documented well in this forum) and a few other places to look at, BUT unless there is a problem, no real need to replace the whole car's wiring just because "it's old", to me. Certainly, clean out the accumulation of gunk in the wiring...
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    70 Polara Pinging Issue

    First thing to do is to verify, via the FSM, what carb should be there and what the jets/rods are that go in it. If the carb is of a different known model year, look in that year's FSM for information. Do NOT guess about what is supposed to be where! You can get a Strip Kit for the Edelbrock...
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    1959 Imperial

    I agree, that is a beautiful Imperial in the picture.
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    1959 Imperial

    I MIGHT be wrong, but using a Painless harness kit is probably the wrong thing to be using to rewire a car OEM. Unless the harness is for a specific vehicle, it's a "can fit" rather than "specific fit" situation, as I understand it. IF you were building a street rod or similar, then the...
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    Kill Switch

    Google "Ravelco" and see what you think. Have to have the "key" to make the ignition work. Otherwise, a basic keyless entry/car alarm AND then remember to lock the car.
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    Radio Static

    If it's a plug wire issue, then putting the hood down vs. up will make a noticeable difference. Quieter with the hood down and shielding the antenna from the plug wire "noise". BUT none of that relates to signal strength, which is the sole responsibility of the antenna lead-in cable. Is the...