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    Cool Video from 300 Club International Meet

    Beautiful cars, including the Navajo! Thanks for posting. CBODY67
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    MoPar Nats 2021

    Thanks for the pictures! CBODY67
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    MoPar Nats 2021

    From what I saw at The Nats and the pictures I saw from Carlisle (back then), the customer demographics were a bit different. Or perhaps I was a bit more forgiving in my younger years, just amazed that something as The Nats DID exist? With a few mentors ro guide me, who'd been there before and...
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    MoPar Nats 2021

    In the K-car era, a white Dodge 400 convertible was shown "under construction" one year and then "finished" at another meet. Full rwd conversion with a stout 440 in front. Then there was the silver LHS with two 3.5L power trains, one front and one in the back seat. Looked stock on the outside...
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    MoPar Nats 2021

    Which is why most of us flew up there.
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    MoPar Nats 2021

    When the Mopar Nats were going well, it was THE premier Mopar event. The first time I went, it was at National Trails, that was in about 1988 and I only missed about 3 years total with the last time in 2005. I used it as a "Get out of town" and "Recharge my Mopar battery" event. I would go up...
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    CMC show

    Looks like a great place to display some great rolling works of art in a relaxed atmosphere. Congrats on the model kit! Thanks for posting, CBODY67
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    dead mans curve

    Well, the reason I replied that way is that in addition to FL, TX is in the mix, too, with some northern DFW (i.e., McKinney area) events listed. Certainly, TX is not "East Coart" by any means, fwiw. Enjoy! CBODY67
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    dead mans curve

    Thanks for that link to LOTS of activities listed in several states. CBODY67
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    All Mopar Califon NJ car show pics

    A great show! Thanks for the great pictures! CBODY67
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    Thanks for going to the event AND taking all of the magnificant pictures AND posting them! CBODY67
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    Gene's BAR-B-Q Myersdale,Pa 9/1212020

    Great pictures of some great vehicles! Thanks for posting! CBODY67
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    Hershey C-Bodies

    The "Regularly Serviced" comment seems a bit odd with only 130 miles on it. FWIW CBODY67
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    WPC Nat meet in Auburn Hills / Dream Cruise

    FWIW, any national meet of that sort only allows members cars to be in the show. Insurance issues, usually. Some national clubs allow a "member at large" non-member to pay full entry fees to participate in the event (all of it), but not receive any awards. Of course, spectators are free. In...
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    Orphan Car Show

    Never have seen that many Avantis in one place at one time! Neat! The picture of the darker Barracuda on "the grass" looks like it could have been in a premium Plymouth sales brochure that year. Neat, too! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. CBODY67
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    It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

    Worm's eye wide angle lens?
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    Cool T-Shirt for Nats

    Several different vintage car ad websites "out there". Lots of neat stuff! Interesting to watch how some of the messages evolved over the years. CBODY67
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    Cool T-Shirt for Nats

    Quick Google Search 1966 "Let Your Self Go . . . . Plymouth 1967 "Plymouth is out to win you over this year" heart appears 1968 "The Plymouth win you over beat goes on" 1969 "Look What Plymouth's Up To Now! Fury "Plymouth Makes It" logo appears heart on keychain w/ignition...
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    Cool T-Shirt for Nats

    What was the slogan for 1968? As I remember that "pointed-tail heart" earlier than 1969. More research! In the mean time . . . Take the lyrics for "Up, Up, and Away (In My Beautiful Balloon" and replace "balloon" with the name of your favored C-body vehicle. Make that change all the way...
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    Cool T-Shirt for Nats

    50 Years of Dodge Fever?? My how time flies when Mopar Powered!