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    Parking brake cable stuck on

    I suspect that your Imperial's parking brake is on the tailshaft housing of the transmission, rather than at the rear wheels (as on the newer Newport). Probably might soak the cable in penetrating oil to get it to loosen up internally? BUT with the car firmly and stabile on jack stands or an...
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    Hydraulics Suspensions

    IF you notice, there are gaps in the brand coverage of the conversions. ALL of them have coil spring suspensions front and rear. No coil fronts and leaf spring rears, by observations. No easy '57 Chevies, but many '58-'59 Chevies (which have coil springs at 4 corners). Same with full-size...
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    Hydraulics Suspensions

    From a post long ago in another C-body forum . . . it might be reasonably easy to do on the rear, even a 4-link air suspension back there, BUT the main issue is in the front. The tubes in the stub frame where the shocks go through is only about 1.5" in diameter, so no room for air bags as it...
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    Tire gauge

    If you can find one of the older-style, longer-body, Milton units, that should be about as good as it (used to) get, BUT at a price. Snap-On tools has some digital models with a hose.
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    Can someone tell the name of those rims?

    Thanks for the additional information. In the world of rear axles, it's not only the "tread width", it's the width between the spring mounting pads which determine interchangeability. In the rear leaf springs, there is a center bolt which holds everything together at that point. From that...
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    Can someone tell the name of those rims?

    Going from a 2.76 to 2.93 is not worth the effort, UNLESS you are very sensitive to speed, by observation. To me, not worth the effort and cost involved. 2.93s were usually on 318 Furys back then. 383s got 2.76s. Either one could have 3.23s. The P225/70R-15 tire will have about...
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    Torsion Bar direction

    Might be some informaiton in the FSM. Allegedly, if they are tensioned the wrong way, they will break over time.
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    IF you are wanting to do a Wilwood conversion, then seek out a speed shop that sells that kit and see if they might have some recommendations as to who can do it for you. IF you are seeking to do a factory OEM-style conversion, check with a local restoration shop to see if they might be able to...
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    Brake fluid change

    Seems like there are two "DOT 5" brake fluids? DOT 5 and DOT5.1? One silicone and the other one synthetic, or something like that? It's been a while since I looked at that stuff. Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    Brake fluid change

    What does the rubber flap/seal on the underside of the master cyl cover look like? If it has grown in size, you might as well get a good master cyl on the car, too. Kit/replace everything that has rubber in it, plus new hoses (as mentioned).
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    69 Chrysler 300, Master Cylinder Cover Gasket

    IF the main issue is a gasket seep, then perhaps lowering the brake fluid level in the cylinder reservoirs a bit might work, possibly? Just a thought, CBODY67
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    Budd brakes with 15" Torq Thrust Ds

    I don't believe that that's what "spacers" were designed to do. FWIW, CBODY67
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    Differences in SLAB steering boxes - advertised to be equivalent 68 Newport but not so

    The 2nd picture looks, to me, similar to what Borgeson sells as their "update to modern feel" gearbox, which I believe came from later-model Jeeps? Takes a bit of adapting, which they sell things to do, as I understand it. Physically smaller than the OEM unit. Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    15 x 6-1/2 wheel

    Starting in the middle 1960s, the first use of 15" wheels, not related to the optional (starting in 1966) power front disc brake option, was in the 1969 model year for all C-bodies (15" wheels became standard, again). Which generated the 15x6.5" steel wheels (designed for hub caps and wheel...
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    15 x 6-1/2 wheel

    6.5" wide wheels were specific to C-body station wagons, whether 14" or 15" rim diameters. There was a variation of Rallye Wheel that was on 1976 Charger SE cars, which was 15x6.5, though. CBODY67
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    Trim Ring Help Please

    Possibly . . . IF you can't find a Ford oval stamp on the wheels, they might be AMC? In either case, there should be some aftermarket trim rings available. From what I recall, the ring went all the way to the center of the wheel rim, with maybe a little gap at the inside? They were quite...
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    Leaking New Brake Cylinders

    Back when the cars were "used cars", it was common practice to disassemble the wheel cyls on the car, wipe them out, flush with some brake fluid in a squeeze bulb, wipe again and inspect. Then use a wheel cyl hone on the end of a drill motor to clean them up a bit. Flush with brake fluid...
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    fuselage torsion bar sizes/lengths

    Torsion bar lengths, diameters, and applications are listed in the "Suspension" section of the FSM, just that the Firm Feel list condenses that information, as to length.
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    67-68 Chrysler Imperial Front Brake Question???

    As you will discover, just because the '67-'73 Imperials had their base in C-body land, they also have some specific-to-Imperial items on them, usually to better handle the increased weight, I suspect, and to also make them a better competitor for the highly-isolated passenger experience which...
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    67-68 Chrysler Imperial Front Brake Question???

    In reality, the 4-piston caliper was very good, back then, especially as Corvettes used 4-piston calipers (different system) back then too. I suspect the Budd system had some of the same issues as the Corvettes did back then? But now that braking performance on newer vehicles has become what...