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    WANTED 69GE 4001,4002 wide flute headlights

    Are what you're seeking the normal 1969 model year low-bean and high-beam headlights, rather than the later versions of those same numbers? Or does "wide flute" indicate some other specialized beam pattern than the normal low-beam and high-beam headlights? Just curious, CBODY67
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    WANTED Hughes Performance 727 19 SPL 2500 INT

    Can you get the Tracking Number for your shipment and check the progress via the FedEx online website? Contact the shipper for that information.
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    WANTED Maps-Light Chrysler 65

    Looks like the sample (in the picture) has the typical crack on the lh screw hole. Reason I say "typical" is that back in the earlier 1970s, I bought a new lens from the dealer as the one in the car had that crack in it. I carefully tightened the screws and that last little bit cracked the new...
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    WANTED S200 "Daisy" Wheels

    They should be available new, for a price.
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    What about a Holley 9895 variation instead? 650cfm, elec choke, vac secondary, spreadbore. The orig 9895 was OEM-spec replacement for a QJet on a '79 L82 Corvette. Later versions of that same number have been "Holle-ized" to make it a more universal fit carb. Just a thought, CCBODY67
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    WANTED Alternator bracket photo's

    I know this does not meet the model year criteria, but might it be similar? From the engine shot of the '68 8-dr Limo.
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    WANTED Alternator bracket photo's

    Might an appropriate Chrysler Factory Service Manual have such a picture in it? free download. Yet looking in these publications, I only found the HD options, which only went up to 60amps in '72. No mention of any other "police" alternator per se. In parts manual or service...
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    WANTED C body center console - with all the goodies

    For which vehicle, model year, transmission?
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    Perhaps a vendor for o-rings might have a replacement o-ring, or one that is close, in their catalog of available products? Or possibly a carefully-applied thin bead of black silicone instead? Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    WANTED 1965 Chrysler Newport 2 dr HT

    The physical size of the doors should be the same for '65 to '68 models, but the trim would be different between the trim levels and years. I suspect that if you might find a good door piece, then the rear seat items might be there too? BUT the main issue might be the inner door handles and...
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    WANTED 1965 Chrysler Newport 2 dr HT

    Welcome and congratulations! In the World of Chrysler restorations, especially on C-body cars, interior trim can be unobtainium in nature. Which means, just like the E-body molded plastic door panels before they came into repro, you have to resusitate what you have, if possible, or look for...
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    WANTED 1967-68 Chrysler AM/FM Radio Dash Bezel w/ A/C

    Don't forget the slight peak in the middle of the item, top to bottom.
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    WANTED 1967-68 Chrysler AM/FM Radio Dash Bezel w/ A/C

    As far as I know, they did, as long as the factory radio was the Search Tune radio (made by Delco Radio, I believe). But the foot switch items probably don't need to be there for the radio-located Local-Distant buttons to work? AFAIK
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    WANTED 1967-68 Chrysler AM/FM Radio Dash Bezel w/ A/C

    The foot switch is for the search tuner function. Goes near the dimmer switch, which means an extra hole in the carpet (with a grommet around it). The overlay goes on top of the basic bezel structure. Holes and such for the particular radio model. The overlay is one piece, but the structure...
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    WANTED 1967-68 Chrysler AM/FM Radio Dash Bezel w/ A/C

    The OTHER thing is that the overlay on the basic bezel is specific to the model it was designed for. As the Newports are generally a silver/gray color, 300s are "Engine Turned", and New Yorkers have a wood-look. I was thinking that the a/c vents or block-off plate was a seperate item that was...
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    WANTED Looking to buy Dodge Mirada 10 spoke aluminum wheels, domes, lugnutss

    FWIW, Chevy had some 15x7 and 15x8 Rally pickup truck/car wheels similar to the Chrysler 15x6 W23 Class II 16-Slot Road Wheels. ONE major difference is that the center caps on the GM wheels are attached from the outside, rather than the inside as the W23s are. Which generates another set of...
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    WANTED Looking to buy Dodge Mirada 10 spoke aluminum wheels, domes, lugnutss

    There were also some very similar spoked wheels on Chrysler New Yorkers and maybe Dodge St. Regis 1979-'81 cars, too? Plus the "5 on 5" spoked alloy wheels that were on similar year Cordobas. I always wanted some for one of my cars, but never really did find any. At this point in time, all...
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    WANTED I am looking for the roof panel for my '68 newyorker

    Crateing for shipment (weight and size) so that it might get there in useable condition, plus "oversize" rates, are just part of the deal. There is a normal joint on the C-pillar where the roof panel and quarter panel meet, which would be a good place to cut from the parts car. Possibly...
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    WANTED I am looking for the roof panel for my '68 newyorker

    Probably going to need a parts car with severe front or rear damage, but with the center section of the body in good shape, I suspect. FWIW, CBODY67