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  1. garyh

    Carb. Spacer thoughts

    Any good recommendations for a Carb.spacer for a Carter AFB (1966) ? I had a brief stalling issue after a hot start the other day during a 90 degree day.
  2. garyh

    Fuel Pump Pushrod '66 Imp.

    Ive' had long cranking when cold for a few years now. I decided to replace the Fuel pump and removed the push rod for inspection and look what i found ! The Wear is on cam shaft end. I will install my spare rod and hope for some results.
  3. garyh

    DWELL Question

    My '66 Imperial,(440) has dwell of 30 Degrees at idle. If a rev the engine the dwell goes down to about 24 degrees. Is my Distributor worn ? A complete Tune-up was recently done. Dist. is original (2642252) with about 115,000 miles. any thoughts ? Halifaxhops are you out there. Thanks and i...
  4. garyh

    Best Free App for GPS for an Android Phone ?

    Best free App for driving directions on a Android phone ? Thanks
  5. garyh

    Brake Booster Question

    I pull the '66 Imp out for a ride and had No power Brakes and Hissing from under dash when Brakes applied. Is it Time for a Booster Rebuild ? Drove car last week about 75 miles and it was fine. All hoses are in place and Booster is Original. Any Thoughts ? Thanks in advance .
  6. garyh

    Testing Ignition Condenser

    Is there a way to test a Condenser on the bench ? Thanks
  7. garyh


    I Got this Day/Night Mirror with some other parts and was told it is for a 1960's Mopar. Mirror Glass is Nice,Chrome has Pitting,Pivots are Tight. 2765813 is stamped on mounting brkt. Asking 20.00 + Shipping. Thanks
  8. garyh

    727 2021,National Torqueflite Day ?

    Just wondering if this the day for the Best Transmission ? Just Sayin'
  9. garyh

    Website for Chrysler parts still in dealers system

    Is there a site to enter part numbers for availability of parts Still available at Chrysler Dealers. ? Not Partsvoice, Brads Etc.
  10. garyh

    OWN takes over Motor trend Channel

    Wonder if any Motor Trend TV viewers are as pissed as I am? I tuned in last night to MT only to find Oprah Winfrey discussing her views which I do not care to hear or see on my car channel. I called Dish and made a Formal Complaint. I pay Extra to get MT. Tv ! "Motor Trend Words Jun 8,2020 In...
  11. garyh


    I just saw an ad in the March,19 issue of Old Cars Weekly that VanDerBrink auctions is holding his auction on July 18. Jim is known for selling low mileage Imperials. Any Thoughts ?
  12. garyh


    We lost the digest mode several days ago and now no Individual messages received. So anyone know where to go ? I know some IML members are on here and was wondering what their thoughts are ? Imperially , Gary...
  13. garyh


    1967,1968 Points Style (383 Engine) 35.00 + 9.90 Shipping in USA. PM me for Info,Thanks
  14. garyh

    Where's Heather Storm ?

    I just saw a new episode of "Garage Squad" and Heather has been replaced by Christy Lee ! Is this a Temporary thing ?
  15. garyh

    Ignition Left on by mistake

    My car stalled in my garage today and the key was left on for about three hours.(Points Ign.)The Coil and the Ballast res were hot and the car started up and ran fine.How bad did I screw the pooch ?
  16. garyh

    For Sale 1964-1966 Imperial Parts

    1964 1965 1966 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL PARTS
  17. garyh

    1964-1966 Imperial Taillight Lens Gaskets

    Anyone know of a source for Repro Lens Gaskets for these years Imperials ? DMT does not have them. Imperially , Gary...
  18. garyh


    I am looking for an original correct Radiator for a 1966 Imperial.
  19. garyh

    For Sale 64,65,66 Imperial Rear Axle Control Struts

    Pair of used struts/stabilizers for 64-66 Imperial price 100.00 + Shipping PM Me with questions, Thanks
  20. garyh

    For Sale 1964 IMPERIAL R.H. GRILLE

    Good driver quality ,2417776 RH stamped on part Price is 45.00 + Shipping PM me for more Details.